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The Ten Commandments are one of many religious laws that Christians follow as a guide to be better people. These rules are very important for Christians as they provide the foundation for a better understanding of right from wrong, and therefore how to live our lives as good people in the eyes of God. Speaking about myself, I can say that in my desire to be a good person, I am also guided by these principles. So to answer the question of why stealing is wrong for me as a Christian, I would say it is because it is against the Ten Commandments and is morally wrong.

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The Seventh Commandment, “You shall not steal”, reminds us of respect for human rights and property, and being committed to the common good. Christians need to realize that stealing is not allowed and that we should show love and respect for other people’s belongings. Anyone who steals violates the sanctity of God’s divine order and design for every individual person. We must work for justice so that everyone in the world can live safely, and not in poverty. Stealing is a crime of dishonesty and is the appropriation of property belonging to another person without their consent. It is an illegal act of crime. Theft may be committed of every inanimate thing, which is either moveable or capable of being served from that which is naturally or artificially attached to it. Identity theft, kidnapping, robbing an elder, and shoplifting are examples of theft. We need to acknowledge everyone’s property and permission. This contemporary issue of theft is linked with the Seven Commandment “You shall not steal” as God wants us to be happy with what we have and not want what others have. He wants us to be generous and not greedy, and therefore as Christians, we need to emphasize giving and serving rather than the possessions of others.

Unfortunately, in today’s modernized world, more and more people are losing faith and losing morality, which is becoming a big problem, and the fact that such an ethical problem as theft still has not lost its relevance is only confirmation of this. All Christians, including me, have been taught by the Ten Commandments that stealing is a sin, it is an extremely wrong action that is a manifestation of dislike and disrespect for another person and the things that belong to him, it is something that contradicts the sanctity of the divine order. In order to achieve harmony and well-being, and to live truly humanly, I believe, we must remember to follow God’s view on ethical issues, basically that stealing is extremely wrong.

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