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Nursing is a crucial part of healthcare services. Nurses have a vital role in providing not only physical support but emotional, intellectual, and social support which builds trust and confidence in patients, promoting patient recovery. Nursing is a profession that I am passionate about and want to pursue.

I have chosen to study adult nursing as I am passionate about caring for and supporting adults who require health care services. Learning about people’s care needs and finding new solutions and methods to meet these needs is my motivation to study adult nursing. I believe that nursing is a fulfilling and rewarding profession within the healthcare sector for which I am most suited to take on the role. I am also interested in studying nursing as I have a passion for meeting new people, which helps contribute to a good patient experience promoting the wellbeing of patients and enabling them to develop a positive view and outcome of health care services. Both of my parents are mental health nurses. I have been inspired by their work ethic and commitment to ensuring that their patients receive quality care. I believe that in studying adult nursing, I will have the opportunity to explore many aspects of nursing and how nurses provide support not only within a hospital but in the wider community. I am enthusiastic about learning the different methods of care that nurses employ and being in a healthcare setting and the practical component that this course provides.

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I have gained knowledge and skills in studying BTEC Health and Social Care Extended Certificate. I have learned the different roles in healthcare within the hospital setting that work collaboratively for effective patient care and experience. I have also acquired observational, analytical, and evaluative skills in my A-level History, which I will apply in my nursing studies. By studying English language and literature at school, I can analyze linguistic data and information from a wide range of literary texts. This course has improved my communication and language skills. Effective communication with patients and professionals is vital in delivering care and support that enhances the quality of life of the patient.

I worked as an assistant teacher at Brookland Farms Primary School for work experience. I was able to interact with children from all backgrounds, helping them to learn and play. I also supported the teachers with their workload and worked cooperatively in a healthy environment.

In my job as a store assistant, I enjoy interacting with the customer. This has enhanced my observation, communication, organization, and teamwork skills. I use listening skills to help customers meet their different needs and provide support using empathy and care, which are also values within nursing. I enjoy going for walks, roller skating, knitting, and listening to music. These hobbies help me to relax and promote my physical and mental well-being.

Through school, I have had the opportunity to be interviewed and accepted by Al’s Pal’s Milton Keynes charity as a volunteer, in this role I will be able to support patients with cancer and their families by providing comfort, care, and companionship.

I look forward to studying nursing at your university as this course will help me prepare for this valued role and provide an experience so that I will be able to support and deliver safe care to the future public.

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