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Nursing is a career where you never finish training, My ambition is to become a nurse. This became a reality when I started working in a nursing home at the age of 15, throughout my life to date I have been involved in caring for others in one capacity or another. I have been involved in helping a diverse range of people and I have recently started volunteering to help special needs children at my school which is very rewarding, therefore this shows I have relevant experience to show I am committed and would like to care for others in the future, Nursing is a career for dedicated, reliable, trusting people who can develop relationships with patients fast.

I have these skills and I genuinely want to make a difference to people, to support them and their families through hard times when they are at their most vulnerable. I want to become a nurse because I have a genuine and honest passion to not only care for people but to also help educate them to lead healthier lives and make better lifestyle choices. With the role of a nurse comes a huge amount of responsibility, and I believe the qualities I possess will eventually make me a highly proficient and competent member of the nursing team After I have completed my studies. I was initially attracted to nursing when I started working at a local nursing home in 2019 during this time I got to see first-hand the exceptional work care workers and nursing staff undertook and also the dedication they show within the role, In addition to the qualities I feel I already possess, I knew that at that stage I wanted to become a nurse, and so I started to explore the different educational routes available while working in a nursing home I observed, listened and participated in several patients needs assessment’s, and this was an invaluable insight into the necessary patience, communication skills and commitment to quality of care that is required as a professional nurse,

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In the nursing home, I work long shifts which shows that I’m not afraid of hard work which will be an advantage when on a placement, working in a nursing home has also helped me gain the necessary experience to know nursing is a vocation, I enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction out of helping and serving others, In the nursing home where I work, we deal with a wide variety of patients, from residential patients, dementia patients to end of life patients. Due to the nature of dementia, we are often faced with challenging behavior and I have learned how to deal with these behaviors whilst remaining professional and calm. I enjoy contributing to a pleasant and friendly working environment and working as part of a team. At times I like to make people laugh and enjoy putting a smile on the staff and patients’ faces. I am a strong communicator, I will be 100% dedicated to my studies, and I can also plan my work properly to make sure I meet all deadlines throughout this nursing course. I have always acted with honesty and I can be relied upon to maintain the highest standards achievable at all times, whilst also demonstrating confidentiality when needed. I have studied the course in detail, including the core values of the 6C’s, and I feel I can uphold and maintain the requirements of the role. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising such as going to the gym or going for a walk. Whatever it is, I feel it is important to keep myself healthy mentally and physically. Many dedicated and ambitious people apply for nursing courses. However, I feel the effort and the commitment I will put into my studies and my role as a nurse once I am qualified makes me a worthy contender for a place on this course. I understand the responsibility that comes with the role of a nurse, and I will always uphold the highest standards of professionalism, commitment, and competence to quality of care if I am offered the opportunity to study this course.

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