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Every single one of us wants to be remembered in one way or another. We want to be remembered for more than just being normal and ordinary. Many people believe that their legacy is reflected by the wealth that they have accumulated and the degrees and diplomas they have achieved throughout their lifetime, I believe that one’s legacy isn’t merely based on their bank statement but rather on the positive impact that they have made on those around them. This left me wondering, what is my legacy?

One person in particular that I admire and look up to is Lee Kuan Yew. I first heard about LKY when traveling to Singapore a few years ago, the locals told me about the countless things he had done to improve their life for the better. LKY is a man regarded by many as the founding father of Singapore, he became Singapore’s first prime minister and continued to govern for three decades transforming Singapore from a 3rd world country into a global economic powerhouse. LKY is a huge inspiration to me due to the fact that he managed to completely transform the lives of people living in Singapore. Hearing so many positive things about him from Singaporean locals has led me to want to leave a positive impact on those around me and to be remembered for the positive changes which I plan on making in my lifetime.

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I believe that in today’s society people struggle with meeting the “ideal” standards which the internet portrays as normal. The current suicide rate is higher than ever before and I feel that a lot of people are being neglected by those around them. This is an issue that I believe needs to be dealt with and I plan on doing the most I can to put an end to this problem faced by so many people worldwide. I want to be remembered for always accepting, understanding, and being friendly with people regardless of their appearance, beliefs, and racial status and hopefully, my actions will inspire others to follow in my footsteps of being understanding, transparent, and always positive regardless of the situation which they are placed in.

I strive to be remembered for always standing out. Although I might not be the top academic achiever or the best on the sports field I want people to know that they must always give it their all and do the best that they can. I don’t compare myself to others but rather work on improving and becoming the best possible version of myself because at the end of the day there will always be someone “better”, someone with more money, someone in better shape, and someone with more fame. Trying to be better than those around you will only bring you down, working on yourself is far more valuable and important. I hope that people can take me as an example and follow in my footsteps of focusing on themselves rather than trying to be better than those around them.

The more I live and experience the more I come to realize that my legacy is something that is forever changing. I cannot predict how people will see me 50 years from now but what I do know is that I can do my best to spread positivity, hopefulness, and joy on a day-to-day basis so that hopefully one-day people can look back on me and remember me as an outgoing, different, positive and self bettering individual who can inspire people to follow in my footsteps and change for the better.

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