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This paper aims to shed light by providing a brief definition of what marijuana is followed by the negative effects it has on the human body, the psychoactive components that are present in it that cause the altering of one’s mind. High lightening the names of the components that are present in ‘Marijuana’ also to make mention of what it does to the brain, also to outline researches that have been carried out by different researchers , to make mention of the experiment that was carried out on “ rats.” to speak on the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical uses, and the implications that this may has on the helping professions.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse it defines ‘Marijuana’ as “the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica plant.” This plant also contains a mind- altering chemical name tetrahydrocannabinol (THC ) along with other extract which can be made from this plant. The marijuana plant has numerous names such as: weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, and Mary Jane. Some people smoke marijuana in hand- rolled cigarettes called joints; in pipes, water pipes which is sometimes called bangs or in blunts rolled in cigar wraps. Additionally, Marijuana can also be used to boil tea and consumed for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is often mixed into foods such as, brownies, cookies, or candies.

Furthermore, Vaporizers are also used to consume marijuana, this is a practice called “dabbing” and it is on the arisen. Marijuana in its strongest form is called sinsemilla this is derived from the female plant and contain high doses of marijuana active ingredients including reins such: honeylike hash oil, waxy budder etc. The NIDA stated that these mentioned above are popular for those who use them both for recreationally and medically. Thus, the marijuana plant contains a psychoactive chemical which aid in altering the mind of those who consume its content along with other compounds. The main psychoactive ingredient that is responsible for the intoxicating effects on people is called “TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL”.

People use marijuana in different ways such as: smoking, eating, drinking or even inhaling this substance. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is very dangerous to the body and the cell receptors which often result in changes in mood, altered users’ senses, difficulty solving problems. On the other hand, marijuana contribute to many health effects such as: hallucinations and paranoia, breathing problems harm to pregnant women and her unborn child’s brain. Research has shown that the amount of THC present in marijuana has been increasing over the years and so this contribute more negative effects on persons who uses this substance or even those who are being exposed to second on smoking which produce more harm than good to the person who smoke the substance.

Despite the fact, that there are no actual reports found of anyone dying from using this substance as a loner, there are presented negative side effects that this substance contributes the following: anxiety, paranoia. There was a case presented in the gleaner that spoke about persons mixing the embalming fluid with the marijuana which appear to be fatal or cause mental disorder to the recipients this is a result showing that the persons who uses this drug do not know the negative side effects or the psychoactive substance presented in it , thus to mix it with other external components. Therefore, this substance has more negative impact on the body more than good. Marijuana can lead to substance use disorder which can in turn develop into severe addiction, moreover, there are no medications available to treat marijuana disorder.

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Consequently, regard to the brain the chemical structure presented in the HC’s content is much like that of the brain (ANANDAMIDE) which help the body in recognizing the TCH and in turn alter the way the brain communicates. Thus, the cannabinoids serve as a clown in affecting the body seen that they function as neurotransmitters in sending chemical messages between the nerve cells in the nervous system. Due to this close similarity the TCH in the substance are more prone to attaching to the brain receptors and activating them to disrupting the normal physical and mental effects , seen that the neural communication network in the brain uses the cannabinoid neurotransmitters to play a role in the nervous system normal functioning it is prone to cause negative effects.

The tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) is known for altering the normal function of the brain, however there was an experiment carried out on rats being exposed to the substance. The result showed that “the memory impairment from the rats being exposed to the marijuana content TCH alters how the hippocampus, the area which is responsible for the memory formation processes information.” The experiment showed that those exposed to the content showed notable problems with specific learning/memory tasks in later life. Moreover, cognitive impairment in adult rats was associated with the structural and functional changes in the hippocampus which is due to the exposure to TCH from adolescent stage.

On the other hand, Marijuana legalization has been looked over on numerous occasions. A comprehensive research was carried out by researchers at the RAND COPORATION “who found out that laws that seek to allow medical marijuana dispensaries correlate with the increase in overall pot use and dependence for adults age 21 and over only rise in dependence among youths.” The findings also showed that allowing marijuana to be sold for recreational or medicinal use will only lead to more access and use particularly in adults. The legalization of marijuana will only contribute to individuals who are not knowledge about the negative impact of this drug on their internal system to take part and may contribute to more mental disorders among youths. Another research carried out at the Emory University found out that after some states legalized medical marijuana , they saw some negative attributes among young adults age 21 and over with a drastic increase in binge drinking ,this is call for concern reason being it will cause more public health and safety issues and internal health risks such as: liver damage, more fatal crashes and violent outburst which will increase crime.

The implications that marijuana legalization has on the helping profession is that the counsellors/ Social Workers will have more cases to deal with seen that this drug has multiple negative impact on its users. However, information sourced from Counselling today.Org shared some concerns on the impact that this decision will have on the counsellors who works with clients in school, addiction, mental health etc. Catherine LIiff who is a licensed counsellor in Pueblo, Colorado expressed her concerns on the legalization of marijuana for recreational or medicinal use she stated that “the legalization will lower people’s inhibitions about trying the drug, which will likely to increase the intake of marijuana use.” “she went on further to say that users will experience increased levels of anxiety or depression.

Miss Lliff, went on further stating that “[Marijuana use] will increase the potential problems in people’s lives, [and] more will then seek help for their problem,” she also stated and I quote “ As a counsellor, it will affect how I see the problems of these individuals. I screen for marijuana use so that I can determine those people who may be affected by it. I will need to assess sessions to see whether an individual’s decision- making and judgment are affected by marijuana use.”

In concluding, the legalization of marijuana for recreational/medical use is still undergoing considerations in some countries. In Jamaica marijuana is decriminalized to an extent, speakers in the Jamaica Gleaner that was published on Wednesday February 12,2014 did not make mention of the negativity of marijuana, rather they spoke about how marijuana will benefit the country financially. The truth of the fact is legalizing marijuana will only cause more problem in the country and to its members especially adolescents who do not possess the knowledge of the negative impact marijuana has on the body nor the psychoactive substance presented. Marijuana being legalize for recreational purposes will only give young adults more time to become users then abusers of the drug which will later lead to increase behavioural problems, crime and violence etc. Additionally, the implications that legalizing this substance is clear it will allow the counsellors to screen and examining the users more in dept than before.


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