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This quote is said by a very important man in this movie, Red. This quote is first of all strong because he said it and he is the man who is still hoping for a future without prison. In this scene they are all sitting at the table, eating their meal like every other day.

Andy is talking about how they can not take away his music and that it is kind of his sprinkle of hope. The rest at the table do not agree and Red tells him, “Let me tell you something, my friend.” “Hope is a dangerous thing.” He said the quote with a little bit of anger and convincingly. He is telling Andy that it can drive a man insane and that he should get used to the fact that he would not get out of this prison.

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After he said those words, Red walks away. In my opinion, this moment shows you that prison life, without freedom, does something to you. Even though Red walks away, he is the character who is still holding the most hope in that horrible place.

I think that the people we don’t think of, hold on to the most hope in life and that makes it so special and emotional. Red is a very powerful character and in the beginning of the movie he seems to be a tough guy but in the end, we notice that he is a soft man with a big heart and he just wants to get out of prison to start a new and better life. The funny thing is, he is telling Andy to “not have hope” but during this movie we see Red trying his best to convince these people with all this small talk and telling them he is going to do better and change but in the end, he still refuses.

I love that he does not give up and therefore still keeps hope until the moment he has to show up and try again.

At this moment he is just sick of it so he starts telling what he really would do if he gets out of prison. At that point, he gave up and lost his hope and because of that, they agreed to let him go. I think there are two stories on this side. He did not lose hope and kept fighting and convincing them that he should get a free life and become a good man. And because of this hope, he stayed positive and believed in himself because he tried over and over until he would get out. So the decision was made when he did not have hope anymore so I don’t know if you should have hope or not. Especially in this movie/theme, it’s a hard one, having hope in prison can either break you or save you. I think it’s always hard to decide whether you should have hope or not. At home, at school, in general, and just in daily life.

As I already said, hope can save your day and make little expectations big expectations but also the other way around. For example, if you are looking forward to something and have been hoping for a while that this moment/day will be one of the best in your life and it turns out to be disappointing, then you have had so much hope for nothing and you are very moody and your day became a lot worse than you expected.

As a kid, I was very naive and always kept hoping for the good and fun stuff. For example, when I had good grades I always hoped that we were going to eat French fries or pizza and of course, you look forward to that as a child. Then it turned out that we were just going to eat fish with vegetables like every other day. Can be very painful for a little kid.

Not referring to this example but now I always keep my expectations low so that these turn out to be better than I thought. Cause as an adolescent everything seems a lot worse than it is… After my opinion, hope can be a dangerous thing and not a good thing. Then I mainly talk about hoping for something that you know will never be. I share this opinion because of a lot of things, people have let me down and because of this I trust people less quickly and that’s how I started to lose hope in people and myself.

But I think everyone should have hope in this world and that is a good thing cause otherwise, this planet would be worse than it already is.

Even though I think hope is a bad thing, I still hope for good grades and that I can graduate within a good year.

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