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It is quite astonishing to think that the three-pound sack of grey and white matter in our heads is what fundamentally separates us from our ape ancestors and enables us to dominate the planet and build a complex global civilization. The unique nature of the human brain has not only enabled us to perform unimaginable feats but has also exposed our species to a greater range of well-being and suffering. Since our experience of the world is realized fundamentally in the brain, I believe Neuroscience and Cognitive Science are the most important fields concerning helping humans live fulfilling lives. As someone who has fought my own battle against depression, I am particularly aware of the negative physical and emotional consequences of negative brain states and harbor a desire to do my part to help people mitigate these and live fruitful lives. While there is still a lot we need to learn about the brain, recent advancements in domains like Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, and Behavioral Analysis are starting to give us a much better picture of why it is that human beings do what we do. While I don’t think we are likely to map this space out completely any time soon, I am convinced that the innovations in these areas will allow us to gain a much more holistic picture of mental health, memory, and the roots of human behavior. I desire to explore these disciplines and contribute to these advancements that serve as my primary motive in pursuing a Master’s in Neuroscience at your esteemed Institution.

Having a fascination with the field of biology from a fairly young age and as someone who always wanted to do my part to usher in technological advancements to help make people’s lives better, I chose to major in Biotechnology during my undergraduate studies. Throughout the program, I was introduced to a vast set of diverse domains of which I particularly enjoyed the courses I took on Neurobiology and Cognitive Sciences as these allowed me to gain an understanding of how our nervous system was shaped by natural selection, the blood-brain barrier as well as the various the causes and effects of various neurodegenerative disorders. My interest was also particularly piqued by the field of Psychology as I became captivated by exploring domains like consciousness, learning, memory, perception, and intelligence. My intellectual curiosity pushed me to go above and beyond my curriculum and explore novel concepts which in turn helped me gain new ideas and perspectives. Meanwhile, the lab courses I took on Psychology, Biology, and Molecular Biology also gave me a chance to practically apply the concepts I was learning and hone my research skills.

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Being enthralled by the plethora of new concepts I was learning, I took up several consequential projects and studies during my time in college to do my part to contribute to research in these fields. This included a project on Nueopsychoanalysis, where I collected and analyzed data from 116 different people who were part of a random sample, to help determine how big a role emotional intelligence played in mental well-being and professional success. Comparing two different groups through T-Test and ANOVA, I was also able to establish a significant relationship. As I had been captivated by the courses I took on Criminology, Behavioral Analysis, and Forensics, I also assisted with the investigation of the Black Dahlia Murder Case. I was involved in analyzing the crime science exhaustively and based on the facts of the case, I performed a behavioral and psychological analysis of the perpetrator. As a part of another project, working as a part of a team, I helped arrive at a sustainable solution for the problem of ocean acidification which has accelerated in recent decades. We engineered E.coli to maintain the pH level of water bodies at 8.2 and to prevent it from reaching levels that are harmful to aquatic life. We got rave reviews for both our ideation and execution of this project and owing to my work on this I gained a detailed understanding of processes like nucleic acid isolation, spectroscopy, gel documentation, electrophoresis, gene cloning, and various other microbiological techniques. I look forward to undertaking similarly challenging projects during my graduate study as well.

Apart from the projects I worked on, I was also part of multiple internships and training stints which helped me add more skills to my repertoire. This included an internship at the National Institute of Biologicals, Noida where I received crucial insights into the ongoing research and acquired hands-on training in the viral vaccine lab, recombinant DNA lab, Monoclonal antibody lab, and immunodiagnostic lab. During a one-month internship at MRD Life Sciences, I got to explore various aspects of microbiology and researched topics like genomic DNA isolation from microbes, protein isolation, and recombinant DNA technology. Besides this, I also had the opportunity to be a part of an industrial visit to Mazumdar Shaw Centre For Translational Research, where I became updated with the research being undertaken on domains like tumor immunology, immune surveillance, Breast cancer identification, etc. I also got a chance to learn how various lab instruments and tools worked and how they were employed in experimentation and testing. These experiences helped me add considerably to my research skills, and I am confident that the skills I gained will help me meet the challenges I am likely to encounter during my Master’s, head-on.

During the Master’s program, I would like to catch up with the latest scientific literature in the different sub-domains of Neuroscience and wish to become well-versed in the latest advancements in Behavioural Sciences and Clinical Psychology. I want to take up research projects on analyzing human behavior and further hone my skills. After completing my Master’s, I wish to work for an NGO and help orphans and other disadvantaged people improve their mental health. I believe improving one’s mental well-being and state of mind is the key to harnessing their true potential and I would thus like to leverage the latest innovations that fields like Psychology and Behavioral Science can offer to help improve the quality of people’s lives.

Knowing well of the state-of-the-art research facilities, challenging curriculum, and accomplished faculty members at your institution, I am confident that being part of the Master’s program in Neuroscience is the obvious next step in working towards my long-term goals. I am confident I will do well in the program and that my academic and research experiences so far will hold me in good stead. I hope to learn, share, and grow as a member of your vibrant scholastic community.

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