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Injustice faced by people around the world has always driven my desire to try and help others in both my immediate vicinity and on a broader scale. For example, the three hundred days without charge that Jagtar Singh Johal faced when he was abducted by the Indian authorities in 2017 on fabricated accusations moved me deeply as a travesty of justice. Despite a thousand-page charge sheet filed no conviction has yet been given. Societal perceptions of right or wrong are derived from the law, and from this, the foundation of a society’s basic principles of equality, liberty, and justice are formed. It is when injustice and oppression result from a deviation from these principles that I feel impelled to fight against the misuse of the law. It has been this impulse that has led me to apply to study for a Law degree that will allow me to realize my aspiration of becoming a lawyer for disadvantaged people within society.

My present A-Level studies have driven my ambitions toward the legal arena. For example, studying A-Level History has allowed me to get an insight into how the law can affect people in various ways. For example, the Jim Crow laws in 1877 deprived basic Article 14 Human Rights for African Americans and discriminated between the two races. This emphasized the importance of law for the progression of communities and allowed me to develop my analytical and critical thinking skills. Economics allowed me to see the importance of law in influencing the growth of the economy and markets, as a bad law can reduce investment in the country. Whereas Business has enabled me to understand the impact of legislation on Business, thus these subjects have enabled me to develop skills like problem-solving and logical reasoning.

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Taking an extra A – Level in Panjabi, in my own time, has helped me understand vital cultural differences between communities and has also allowed me to see the law from different perspectives, as one piece of law can have varying impacts on different communities. For example, the draft of a new offensive weapon bill stated possession of swords would be illegal. This, therefore, meant law-abiding Sikhs who keep religious swords for ceremonial purposes would be prosecuted. I have had an interest in law and In Year 12 I was fortunate enough to attend a Law masterclass on crime and punishment. We were given the task to use logical reasoning with the conjunction of the law to find a suitable sentence for an offender. Consequently, this deepened my understanding of the law and encouraged me to further enhance my experience with the legal system. Therefore, I visited Birmingham Crown Court this year where I witnessed some criminal cases. I witnessed a manslaughter case where the defendant was accused of accidentally pushing his mother down the stairs, thus killing her. Moreover, in court, I learned about the importance of defense statements in a case, as I saw, in this case, the lack of this statement on the offender’s side could lead to a weaker position. As the prosecutor can ask for a statutory warning from the court to be given at the pre-trial hearing. Thus, this enabled me to have a greater understanding of the profession and how the Legal system operates. I have a variety of extracurricular interests.

My involvement with the debating club has helped greatly in the development of my argumentative skills, my ability to use cogent and persuasive rhetoric, and my ability to scrutinize other people’s sides of a debate. Through constructively debating topics, such as The British Empire and Brexit, I have come to understand a range of different perspectives on topical and historical issues I believe I have the tenacity and determination to successfully undertake a law degree. Your institution would equip me with vital skills (such as evaluative and oral communication) and the ability to use these in both an academic and professional context, which would, in turn, aid me to counteract oppression and injustice at every level in society.

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