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A remarkable and inspiring story about an old professor and his former student. Based on true events written by the former student himself, Mitch Albom. With a great extent of help from the old professor’s friends, family, and colleagues, they tell and embark the story of Morrie and how he changed the lives of every person whom he came across. The novel was published dated back in 1997 by the company Doubleday. Tuesdays with Morrie has touched so many hearts and lives of citizens from around the world and already has its very own movie adaptation which was released on the 5th of December 1999.

The story is about the journey through the life and death of Morrie Schwartz. Life was going well for him, he had a loving family, and a stable job and was surrounded by people who loved him dearly, all was well and perfect until his sickness kicked in. He has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS disease. A condition that will slowly overtake his body in time, until it gives up. Unfortunately, there is no cure for such sickness. This is where Mitch comes into the story, the moment he found out about his favorite professor’s condition, every Tuesday he would come and visit him, to just sit down, talk, and listen to Morrie’s aphorisms on how he managed to handle these things positively despite of his condition. They would take on a new adventure exploring the true meaning of life and how death can be a good thing, a new path, and a new journey.

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My favorite part of the book is when Morrie decides to have a living funeral. This is not your ordinary funeral, they held this even though he’s still alive. As Morrie said, it would be so regretful that he wouldn’t hear the eulogies and great stories that people have about him. Ironically, we would only say good things about a person when they’re already dead. Why can’t we say those things when they’re still alive and well? That’s one of the most amazing conclusions that Morrie made me realize. It has indeed struck my mind how each of us sees things differently. How all of us have different perspectives about life and death. His life story has gravely impacted me in a great way and has sparked numerous conclusions and driven me into countless amounts of thinking. There are a lot of wonderful parts in the book, but this one has truly caught my eye and has left me dumbfounded.

The lesson that I have learned in this story is how life is so precious and priceless, and how we often see the negative side of it. We set aside the positivity and goodness in everything and would only see the unfavorable. That’s why we always suffer and live in the pit of darkness and despair as we do. We are alive, but are we truly living? We are seriously and undeniably blessed to have this opportunity, to experience and feel these amazing things. To truly know life and the parts of it; the good and bad. But most of all, to live a life this long. I can only hope that all of us will someday see the purpose and the good side when hard times pass by. To never give in to bad thoughts and emotions that would someday destroy us. To never let such things ruin and jeopardize this unforeseeable adventure. Lastly, never take this gift for granted and start living. Start living the true meaning of life.

I would honestly recommend to give this book a go. It can be read by teenagers, adults, and old people. I’d say I give this book a 10 out of 10, for all the teachings and new learnings that I have reflected on. I felt a lot of emotions while reading this book, laughter, sadness, and happiness. It has taught me so much, so many lessons and realizations that will truly leave you amazed at how amazing it is to live and to have this remarkable journey called life.

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