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Kids pick up on every little thing, emotions, actions and most importantly words. Kids have no filter when it comes to talking and asking questions so when they come to watch tv should parents be worried about what’s on the channel.Tv censorship has been a long debate over if it’s too censored or not censored enough. Censoring tv has been a debate for awhile with parents arguing that some topics are not kid appropriate and writers arguing that tv should serve has a way to address topics. Tv should be less censored because censoring tv not only takes away from the writers freedom, but it also takes away from kids learning experience and their ability to feel open and ask questions about life.

Censoring Tv takes away from the shows writers by not allowing them to get the stories/plot lines that matter to them. According to writer-producer Carolina Paiz “We’re constantly censoring or told us to self censor,” this ultimately will take away the authenticity of characters and not be able to run a storyline about something controversial in real life. For example when a new show called Confederate got backlash before the first episode even premiered. The series goes through the idea of if slavery was still legal in the South of the U.S.. This got backlash because people thought that the show would cater some ideas to white supremacists but some of the writers felt that slavery will be something that the world will carry through out the rest of time. Not censoring writers can help bring up important subjects that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. When people are uneasy they tend to dance around talking about it or not even acknowledge that it’s happening. Bringing up subjects like this will create a more open world and start powerful conversations that could change the world. (CITE SOURCE).

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Censorship not only affects tv but other media’s also such as books. According to Paul Ringel from the Atlantic, “when teachers reject works that maybe emotionally inappropriate, they’re to the traditional mad mostly prevailing view that children’s literature should avoid controversial topics,” this shows how censoring kids makes them feel like they should avoid certain subjects instead of making them feel comfortable with them. Censoring kids will also affect how open they are to their parents because if their parents are willing to discuss uncomfortable or mature subjects it will help make the kid feel like they can be open with their parents and not hide what’s going on in their life. It will also affect how they grow up because if kids grow clueless or sheltered to certain subjects it will have negative consequences.

I understand that some can people feel uncomfortable with exposing kids to certain topics as Julie Seedorf talks about a situation with her seven year old grandchild asking her about IUD problems, condoms or birth control. She goes on to say that “[She didn’t realize] the wide range of commercials during the daytime that should not be viewed by young people,” but these commercials are showing medical issues and promoting safe sex. These commercials are showing what real life is and keeping kids censored will just make them oblivious to certain things such as safe sex. She also talks about how “I [She] believe[s] our children need to be enlightened but by how much at what age,” I agree to a extent that children don’t need to be terrified by dead bodies or torn off limbs, but they should feel comfortable to ask about important topics such as medical issues.

All in all, censoring TV would help create a more open world and start a lot of conversations that would help change the world.Censoring tv only creates rifts where kids will have questions and instead of their parents answering they will avoid it, which then makes kids not want to be open. But censoring tv less will let parents have conversations with their kids about mature subjects. It will also provide more open conversations through out the world when writers are not censored and able to put out content that can capture some of reality. Kids will catch on to everything but without tv censoring you can have open conversations and watch tv shows that give a purpose.

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