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The restaurant chosen for the evaluation is “Good Taste,” a small place familiar primarily to people living in the same neighborhood – however, the desire to assess the service of an unpopular food spot determines the rationale of its attendance. From the beginning, the entrance mise en place looked satisfying – the restaurant’s outside area and entryway were clean and appealing, with flowers in baskets and a street menu that provided information about special offers. When I entered, there was no host at the hostess station, however, the restaurant’s bar is placed in front of the entrance in a way barmen can see all new visitors – thus, they called a host, and he appeared almost instantly. This situation was probably due to the absence of other guests. The host was in uniform, had a professional image, and stood straight. He greeted me, smiled cheerfully, and proposed to choose any table I liked.

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The server appeared immediately, proposing a menu; he directly greeted me, smiled, keeping eye contact, and complemented my choice of the restaurant in an ironic way that was both funny and sharp-witted. He had professional attire and remained in a proper posture standing straight. I had the intention to try a new food I had never eaten before, however, some menu options were unfamiliar to me. At the same time, I had a feeling that I was monitored by the server, who detected my body language that indicated that I had finished choosing, and came to me. I quickly provided my food preferences and desires, and asked for his recommendations concerning the best choice on their basis. The server demonstrated excellent knowledge of the menu – he provided information concerning unfamiliar dishes, listened to me attentively, and recommended several options with their descriptions. He remembered all the ordered items, repeated them to confirm, and left.

My food was delivered in a timely manner, however, items were served from my right side as my left side was close to the window. In addition, a bar beverage was supplied without a napkin (Kotschevar & Luciani, 2006). As I was initially alone in the restaurant and several other people came later, I had no opportunity to evaluate the server’s awareness of customers’ orders. The food was amazing, however, when I needed salt, I realized that the salt cellar was empty. I called the server and explained my issue to him. He immediately apologized and ensured that salt would be brought immediately. He did it as he had promised, and the problem was solved.

After the dinner was finished, the server quickly brought the check per my request. Respecting privacy, it was handed face, and the total sum was not disclosed. During payment, my privacy was respected as well, and a credit card was quickly returned. I did not have a coat to leave it, so I could not evaluate the personnel’s assistance. The server asked me whether I had any complaints concerning service and food. He said goodbye, keeping eye contact but without any physical one. Again, there was no host at the station when I left the restaurant.

All in all, I may say that I am highly satisfied with my visit. “Good Taste” has proper mise en place – the clean and light area, comfortable seating, not new but clean linens and cutlery, and nice table décor. It is obvious that the restaurant management cannot afford substantial renovation, however, the safety of customers is this place’s top priority. In general, I am highly satisfied with customer service, especially with the server’s performance. Although there were some mistakes, however, they were not significant enough to spoil my impression.


Kotschevar, L. H., & Luciani, V. (2006). Presenting service: The ultimate guide for the foodservice professional, 2nd edition (2nd ed.). John Wiley and Sons.

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