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Did you know that a company called Lovejoy that studies the Amazon predicts that the ecosystem could break down if just 20 to 25 percent of it is destroyed? (newsela) Unfortunately, that is what is happening right now. Trees are being cut down, farmers are burning down trees for land to grow crops and raise livestock, people are cutting down trees for oils, supplies, new roads, new buildings, etc. The effect of all this is deforestation. Not only is deforestation the outcome but it is also causing other problems like animals are losing homes, animals are going extinct, fires are being made, droughts are happening and the carbon pool is leaking. Because people are taking our resources for granted which requires endangering nature repeatedly then consumers should restrict themselves from anything that had to do with deforestation.

Consumers should know what needed to be done to have the item in their hand that they are going to purchase. This is so because according to a newsela article Burger King has farmers burn down trees to make the land for their livestock and crops (newsela). Eventually, if we stop supporting Burger King they will not make money and will not be able to buy more food from farmers. Without money, farmers will not have a reason to burn down trees to raise and grow food. Although it may be smart to stop purchasing from Burger King to stop their farmers from burning down trees it does not guarantee that they will and who is to say they will not just find other companies to sell their products to? If we stop supporting companies that contribute to deforestation then we will help the earth and trees like if we stop buying food from Burger King then farmers will not need to burn trees anymore.

Farmers burn down trees for land. As a matter of fact, a small country in West Africa called Ivory Coast has lost 80% of its rainforest from burning them down to grow cacao beans illegally.

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Seeing as this was done by bad farmers to sell their products to big companies that either know or do not know what they are buying we should still stop buying from them because they will keep buying from different farmers (good or bad) and sell them to us, the consumers. Technically, the farmers are being paid to burn down trees. Even so, farmers need money and we have plenty of trees so it is ok to burn down some trees for land. As for the country in West Africa, they need money for food and supplies for their family or for themselves so who are we to take that a. If farmers keep burning down trees they will endanger animals that live in or near trees.

Not only are trees being burned down animals are also losing their homes and some might have even died during the fires that were made. In addition, it is estimated that 1 million species of animals could become extinct or die (newsela). This is happening because of consumers. Consumers buy products from companies, those companies pay either good or bad farmers for their supplies and in order to get those supplies, they have to burn or cut down trees. However, there is a simple resolution to this, farmers can just make sure there are no animals in the area he or she is burning down so no animals will die. Unfortunately, these are only 3 out of many problems deforestation is causing. If you care, start taking action to help now.

Why would you support anything that burns down trees, makes animals lose their home, endanger or kill them, cause fires, droughts or worse! Even if they didn’t know what the effect of their actions would be it does not excuse them from killing or hurting animals so they can sell thousands or millions of consumers a product for their own gain. If you do not care that what you are buying required to harm the earth or living things at least try to understand what the animals are feeling when their home gets destroyed for profit. Would you like your home to be destroyed just for someone to make a profit off of? In that case, that is why it is necessary that consumers avoid purchasing anything that is related to deforestation.

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