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The most important decision I have made in my life is to study abroad. Studying abroad means I have to leave my home country and my family. It is an important choice for me, because by studying abroad, I challenge myself by going to a completely new place. I have to learn the language and culture of a new land. I will not have chance to see my family and friends in china very often. I realize that I must be independent after I arrive in the new land.

The biggest reason I decides to study abroad is my father. My father has always been responsible on my decision. He encourages me to try new things. Since childhood, I have always liked business. My father is a successful businessman. He teaches me a lot about business and this lead to the strong desire I have to become a businessman like my father. My father works for an international company. One of the pillars of ma father’s success as an international businessman was his deep economic insight and sufficient travelling experiences. He says to me that before you become a businessman, you must see the world. By studying in America, I will experience a new country with new cultures and new perspectives. My dream is to become a business bridge built on cooperation between China and America. I believe that building such a strong business relationship between China and America requires me understand both Chinese and American cultures and the economic situations.

Another reason I decides to study in America is the education. American education system is different to my home country’s education system. I think America has advanced university system. Since I want to become a businessman, I am prepared to go the distance to ensure that I realize m professional dream. I understand a business degree in America will offer me foundation to deal with business activities intellectually. During the one year studying at University of Washington, I can see the positive consequence of my decision. I have continually sought advice from my professors as well as contacted numerous business persons. They have provided me lots of business insights. They have encouraged me to carry on with my goals. Class projects have also developed my knowledge in economic principles. The next step is to secure an internship with major companies in Seattle. Career opportunities is another reason that studying abroad attracts me.

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Another reason that triggers me to study in America is personal development. Studying in America is the first time for me to leave my home. When I arrived in America, I am fascinated by the foods, traditions, and social atmospheres. It is a good opportunity for me to understand a new culture. Living in a completely new place without any family members and friends around me can help me develop my personality. I believe that studying abroad can bring out my independent nature. I learn how to make decisions without family support. I have lived in America for a year now. I can see my personal development. I have visited other citifies by myself. I want to experience everything and get my study more than just a book. Though living in Seattle, the understanding of a new culture is a learning experience. This opportunity may happen only once in my life, so I want to take advantage of it.

I am enjoying the benefits of my decision. One of the biggest benefits of studying in America is the chance to meet new friends from different places. I live in the school dorm with seven persons. Each of them comes from different place or country. This gives me the opportunity to really get to know each other. Another benefit is developing my English skill. Studying in America provides me the opportunity to immerse myself in a new language. Having many friends in a foreign land has given me the courage to talk to people of different backgrounds, whom I would be dealing with on regular business dealings. However, the language skills that I possess now are inadequate to guarantee me success in the future. Hence, I need to study harder to enhance my competence.

My stay in America has given me a good foundation to become the bridge between Chinese and American business cooperation that I desire. I understand that people who live in America are a lot more accommodating than Chinese people are. America has managed to reduce poverty levels with most Americans. I am interested in learning how America has managed to offer its people such lifestyle. I intend to share this kind of knowledge and strategy with the Chinese to help more poor people.

I am lucky that I have the opportunity to study abroad and see the world. My family has always supported my decision. I will still make the same choice after the one year stay in America. I cannot get enough with learning in a new land. Now I am thinking to get my master degree in another country or another city in America in the future. I want to spend more time to experience the world.

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