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I chose this topic because we had watched a video in class by Elon Musk on colonizing mars and I took an interest to it since.By the end of this you will have an idea if you think we should or should not colonize Mars. Colonizing Mars would make sure that our species survive,the only home we’ve ever had is Earth.But history shows that surviving as a species on this tiny blue planet is not guaranteed to last forever because of things like global warming etc.The CEO of The Planetary Society ‘Nye’ said that humanity should focus on sending humans to mars instead of robots because they can make discoveries 10,000 times faster than robots.It has been said that there is water on Mars so that would be a pull factor here.

If you are for colonizing Mars then you would have a pretty strong argument to persuade some people.Mars does have an atmosphere,not a great one but there is one.Evidence suggests that there is water on Mars.Ready access to water would be important not only for our ability to stay hydrated and grow things, but because we would be able to use it to create oxygen to breathe.There is also gravity in Mars,infact the gravity on Mars Is stronger than it is on the moon.If you were to weigh to 200 pounds on Earth you would way 75 pounds on Mars.[image: ]

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While there are many advantages to colonizing Mars there are also a lot of disadvantages.Mars is very very cold,it is actually colder than the Antarctica,The usual temperature at night is -70⁰ and can drop to -100⁰!It does get warm at midday and reacher 0⁰ and has huge temperature swings that can reach up to 70⁰!.Every summer roughly 2 earth years theres a big chance of dust storms,they can last for weeks and drop the suns light by 99%

Another disadvantage is that humans would eventually destroy Mars the way we did with Earth unless we change our ways but it could be too late. If you disagreed with colonizing Mars you would also have a strong argument making a pretty good debate!It is a very cold planet and we would have to adapt to the living conditions over there.Theres a lot of sand storms and they completely remove light from the planet.And lastly we have quite a big chance of destroying the planet which would mean we would again have to look for a third planet and then probably destroy that one too.

So we’re coming towards the end now,I hope that you have a better idea of what would have to happen in order to move humanity to Mars.Personally I think it is a very good idea but will take a long time and will cost a lot of money.


  1. -used this website for my advantages and argument for colonizing Mars
  2. -used this website for my disadvantages and my argument against colonizing Mars

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