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We live in a country that allows us to have a lot of freedom such as freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, and freedom to petition of the government. We have a lot of rights and I believe we should also give the people the right to consume marijuana for severals reasons. It helps ill people for medical reasons, economical reasons, reduce in criminal activity, our rights and our health.

The consumption of marijuana has multiple health effects, for example, it helps a lot with pain, especially with chronic pain. I’ve read so many articles on people’s experiences with CBD and THC. Marijuana have cannabis compounds that are called cannabinoids, and cannabinoids contain two main organic compounds which is THC and CBD. CBD is the organic compound that allows the body to be numb for any kind of pain. THC is the compound that allows the body to have a body high and a mind high at the same time. My mom has been going through severe pain for years and has gone through many surgeries and medication and none of that still hasn’t succeeded to help her get through the pain. It’s horrible seeing your mother go through pain everyday and seeing her breakdown half the time. Being on too much medication could be bad for your body. Pills that doctors prescribe are called opiates which are addictive and harmful for the human body, unlike marijuana which does help you for the pain and doesn’t have a bad outcome. If only marijuana was legalized here then maybe that could be a solution to her pain.

Marijuana should be legalized not only for the health effects but for the economical reasons as well. As we all know there are twelve states that have fully legalized marijuana and for those states the tax revenues have skyrocketed. For example, Colorado gained a little over more than 135 million dollars in taxes just from medical and recreational marijuana. So many of our state’s financial problems could be solved if the legalization for marijuana was to occur. With Texas financial hole, legalizing marijuana could pay off the debts we have and could give our economy a big leap towards state economics. Not only could marijuana boost our state with big amounts of money , but also create jobs and maybe give the Texas citizens free medical healthcare. Just imagine more jobs being created and how fast the industry will grow.

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Since marijuana is not legalized in Texas, most people smoke marijuana illegally for different reasons. Some smoke it to calm themselves, medical reason, anxiety, and many other causes. A lot of people get caught with the drug and get arrested and sent to prison which costs more money for citizens to pay for taxes. Legalizing marijuana reduces our prisons population and cops could have better things to do than busting people for it. Us citizens already have to pay so much for taxes and other priorities and its a headache to have to pay because of criminalization. In the past, Texas has spent billions of dollars to prosecute laws to marijuana when we could be smart enough to spend it on better things such as schools, roads, or anything in that sense. Some people act out in violence which could turn into deaths because they rob others or hurt others to try to get marijuana without paying the seller which obviously leads to bad things. If it was legalized in Texas and they were sold at businesses making it easier for people to buy then there is a possibility that there would be less deaths and violence. Some people would say that marijuana is dangerous but in reality it’s actually harmless. Believe it or not, marijuana has never lead to an overdose. In some studies, it shows that tobacco and alcohol are more harmful than compared to marijuana. Marijuana stayed at a low death rate year after year when it came mortality unlike tobacco and alcohol which were at high rates with deaths. Those people are the ones who only heard of bad stories from others or think its bad because its an illegal drug in our state of Texas. In the article of stated, “A study on marijuana use and intimate partner violence found that couples who used marijuana had lower rates of intimate partner violence in the first 9 years of marriage. In fact, men who used marijuana were the least likely to commit an act of intimate partner violence against a spouse.” That’s why some people want to use marijuana to keep them calm when they are at their worst. It’s a relaxing drug that’s been proven to help thousands and thousands of people. Some people just don’t understand the help marijuana could give to others.

We live in the United States where we have so much freedom and rights we are granted. We live our life with liberty and the pursuit of happiness, therefore we should respect everyone’s choices if they choose to smoke or not. We shouldn’t live in a world that’s all about control but about living life freely, happy and responsibly. If people choose to smoke marijuana then they should have the choice to. It’s the right thing to do and we should at least give it a try. Texas, it’s time for a change. For example, Colorado is doing really well and has made a large amount of money that has opened up many more jobs so why can’t we follow their example and legalize it? If smoking marijuana helps people with pain and relax in other circumstances, then why bother with drinking which could cause fatalities or smoking cigarettes that could develop lung disease. Everyone is different and some may like to relax in that way than others and we shouldn’t hold that back from them.

Marijuana helps a lot of things that you probably didn’t even know, it helps with things such as anxiety, depression, migraines, seizures, pain, cancer and cancer. I have really bad anxiety and I dislike it because it’s such a bad feeling to feel. Anxiety is defined as feeling unease or nervousness and marijuana is a solution to that problem that could calm your nerves. Depression is defined as feeling unhappy or hopeless and marijuana could help by making you relaxed and not think so much negative thoughts that’s in their head. It could help with migraines because it helps ease away the pain. There’s been some studies that showed how marijuana reduced the amount of seizures or completely gone. We all know that cancer is a huge problem today and there’s no cure for it. In the article of American Cancer Society stated, “A number of small studies of smoked marijuana found that it can be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy…scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes..the studies so far have shown that cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer.”

That’s why I think we should legalized marijuana in Texas for those many reasons such as, for medical use, economical reasons, reduce in criminal activity, and our rights. Marijuana could have a big impact on our economy. Not only will it make citizens happy but also the government for the money they will receive by marijuana. With that being said, mostly everyone will be happier with that decision and things will be better with the high violence that goes on today.

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