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Adolescence is a phase of the development of physical and psychological capacity. It is a phase where the individual is no longer a child but not an adult. Teenagers start to question and explore everything to find the answer to their questions. In today’s society, the alarming growth of the population of teenage pregnancy remains a major concern and a serious global problem that affects the entire community. The rate of teenage pregnancy among the youth is alarming and has become more or less a fact of life in many nations of the world including the Philippines. It becomes a painful reality that a lot of teenagers are required to deal with when they are involved in sexual intercourse. The underdeveloped knowledge and understanding regarding responsibility, adolescents are not ready to handle the consequences of their previous actions.

Every year there is a rapid increase in the number of teenage pregnancies in the Philippines; Metro Manila is known as a popular city in the Philippines that has a high rate of unwanted pregnancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated 21 million females aged 12-19 years old become pregnant and 12 million of them are giving birth. According to the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA), the Philippines has the second highest rate of teenage pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy in Southeast Asia. There are estimated 538 infants are born every day to Filipino women aged 15 to 19 years old. With this statistical report, how can we prevent the rapid growth of teenage pregnancy?

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The victims of teenage pregnancy are the girl herself, her child, her parents and relatives even the father of the child. Teenagers who are pregnant cannot usually support the child on their own. Moreover, teenagers are more vulnerable to sexual temptations; because of this, it increases both health and social problems that are products of uncontrollable multiple sex partners among teenagers. Mainly because the youth cannot control their desire, they rush into untimely sex, in the belief that the act they did will not be caught or seen. One of the common reasons includes Media influence such as pornography sites and other pornography mediums, because of this; they feel the urge to seek carnal solutions to their lusts. Teenagers are being curious about sexual intercourse because of previous reasons.

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