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This reflective essay is going to analyze the professional experiences I’ve undergone during my time being part of the University of South Wales BA Sports Journalism course, whether that’s been during my studies lectures or outside of campus with work placements or other opportunities I have taken which further relates to my development as a sports Journalist. This will be a critical assessment of those events and actions that benefited my development of employability skills, which in turn increased my knowledge through placements or other professional experiences. The structure of this essay will mainly be divided into three major sections, In the first section I will look closer into the theories or models behind work placements and professional experiences in why they are so key in the development of a person’s career of choice. In the second section, I will go into detail on the skills I have acquired whilst highlighting some of the events and experiences that helped me gain those. Furthermore, I will go into great detail on what I have or even what I haven’t done which has or could have increased my employability, knowledge, and skills in the future. The third and final section of this essay will be all about reflection. Looking critically into what I’ve learned good or bad, and how it’s affected me moving forward in terms of the impacts on my future career. I will be using the ‘Gibbs reflective cycle’ model as a way of looking deeper into my reflection.

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Work placements, work placements are periods of supervised work in which you are allowed to experience what it is like firsthand to work in a specific role with a company. They enable you to gain all the important and relevant experience necessary while also developing the practical side you’ll need to attain the job. (, 2021). It is also essential to advance in pretty much any career path since by the end of it you learn a lot about yourself and the skills required not only for your career but in life in general, lots of people will figure out what they want to do and who they are as a person and a worker through a placement. Whether that be finding out you work better with colleagues or that you aren’t very good at managing time. A good or bad experience is always seen as better than no experience by employers. (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). A further benefit of having several years of experience under your belt is the professional network you gain through this. Sometimes it’s all about who you know and how your relationships are with those people. If you have done a certain amount of work for someone in the past and they know you work hard and have a good relationship with you that could give you the edge in employability over perhaps someone who has the CV but they do not know. So, in summary, who you know is incredibly important, and work experience allows you to gain those contacts. (Amber Rolfe, 2021). By the end of a placement, it is also important to learn from it, if it isn’t what you had hoped for you can always think more about what skills, strengths, or activities you learned were good at during the job. (Karen Penrose, 2021). You are always changing and developing while you get older whether that be your values or personality but you cannot expect the decisions you are making now will always be appropriate throughout your life. With work placements, you need to be flexible and willing to adapt to new circumstances. (Andy Agouridis, 2022).

Now I’ll be delving shortly into some of the theories around the effectiveness of work placements. Undeniably your first forms of work experience have a huge transforming influence on your future careers and employability.

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