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I observed a 3-year-old girl Pennylope in CDC Mission College, Santa Clara on 1 October for 1 hour 30 minutes from 10:00 am- 11:30 am on Friday. This room’s name is Sunflower Room. It’s open at 7:30 am and closed at 6 pm. This center is open Monday to Friday. In this center, 14 children were enrolled. Some are for a full day and some are only for half a day. This class is for 3-year-old to 4-year-old children. In this classroom three teachers were present. Ms Suchi was a head teacher and Ms Mona was an assistant teacher and now she was doing his course in early childhood and development at Mission College. The third teacher Ms Fransia is the curriculum teacher and she comes only on Fridays. All the teachers were very nice and lovable with the kids. I spoke with the teachers and got permission for observation.

The Sunflower Class was a spacious room. The entrance door is a single glass door. Near the entrance door of the center at the right sight, a Shelf is placed which is occupied with some stuff, and on the upper side of this shelf on the walls, a notice board was placed. On the Left side of the main, door a rack was placed which was occupied by some craft stuff and near this rack, a sink area was occupied with art stuff. In this area, upper shelves were placed which were occupied by stuff, and a hand-washing instruction chart stuck on the shelf. Half the room floor was wooden and in half the area a grey carpet was placed. Five tables were present in the classroom which were in different sizes and for different purposes. Near the entrance door, two rectangular tables were placed with six chairs. On the left side of the entrance door near the sink area, a rectangular table with four chairs was placed which was used at craft and play dough time. In the front of this table, a small round table is placed with two chairs and this section is separated by two shelf racks. After the round table, one more big rectangle table was placed with eight chairs. All the furniture was light brown and wooden. In the room, more racks were present for storage in the play area. Two small sofas were placed in the book area. One rack near the playground area door was placed. The room was simply lightened with 17 white tube lights and there was plenty of natural light coming from the windows and doors. One inside the door, one big glass door in this room which was a play area facing, and 11-12 windows were in the room. The room looks so lively. The wall color was light brown and the walls were wooden. One big flower painting in the play area and craft and art projects were placed on the walls. Some fruits and face charts were on the walls. The classroom was a quiet place there was not much noise coming from outside. At the left side of the entrance door washroom was situated. In the wash room, there were two basins and two seats. One big table rack was in the corner with stuff. Hand soap, tissues, and brushes for all the kids were in the washroom and three lights were in the washroom. Out of the washroom science area and water area were situated. The room was full- equipped with age-appropriate toys and books. In the backyard, one art table with water paint, a slide, and other outdoor toys were available for kids. All the kids were happy and the teachers were cooperative and soft-spoken.

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The classroom of this center was designed properly in each area. The classroom is organized with kid-sized shelves, baskets, and containers. In this class, children put their stuff on a shelf which was near the play area door. It was a wooden two-sided shelf with 12 blocks on both sides with brown jute baskets. On each block, the children’s name was written. In this basket, kids put their clothes and other important stuff. A hanging rack was placed near the play area door which was occupied by kids jackets.

The art area was on one side of the room. A round table with two chairs was placed and this area was separated from the playdough area and the other side by racks. One rack was occupied with art stuff and on the other side, a steel board was placed which had alphabet magnets. On the table crayon boxes were present.

The children’s imaginary and dramatic area was situated at the end of the classroom carpeted area. This area was occupied with kids-sized shelves and containers. This corner is designed as a play area for kids which is occupied with important toys like kitchen stuff, soft toys other learning stuff.

After the entrance and at the starting of the carpet area blocks were placed and this is also known as the maths area. In this area, two-sided wooden shelves were placed which occupied different types of blocks and pattern puzzles.

A small area was in the corner near the play area side door with a small grey carpet with flower printing with two small sofas. This area was organized as a book area with one bookshelf and an almira with different types of stuff.

The science area was near the washroom with the dotted wall. In this area insects, herbs, and solar system pictures were stuck. One glass box with sand and one small plant was placed. Puzzles, legos, and other connecting toys were placed in the book area and play area on different shelves. In the corner of the carpeted area, a big block shelf was placed.

The cooking area is placed on one side of a carpeted play area near the book area. In this area one kitchen set and other kitchen stuff were present. In this area, different types of food boxes were placed in the basket.

The music area was at the start of the carpeted area. Lots of different types of musical instruments were in the basket. This area was also used for storytime.

When any kid was crying and frustrated then he came near the playdough area which was in a corner. Children are mostly impressed by the play area and they are interested in toys and blocks.

The classroom had an ample amount of open space for kids to play around. All sections are occupied with age-appropriate toys which are organized on wooden shelves. These toys stimulate the different senses and develop motor skills. Kids put their stuff on a shelf for stuff and hand their jackets on a hanging stand which develops the child’s organization skills and them understand responsibilities. The art area is always fascinating area for kids. In the art area, a small round table was placed and on shelves different types of colors and art stuff were present. Near the door, a sink area was organized with other art stuff like water painting etc and a hand wash.

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