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Kids are leaving school to take part in climate strikes. Young adults are losing their jobs and they begin to lack of economic opportunity. Children are lacking education because of poverty. These are some of the many problems that are taking place on our Earth and why humans should colonise to a different planet, especially Mars.

Mars would be a more suitable place than Venus and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter both don’t have Healthy soil that supplies the essential nutrients, that our food-producing plants need to grow and flourish. Venus and Jupiter also don’t have an atmosphere that can protect us from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Lastly, The day and night cycle on Mars are also very similar to Earth’s with only a 39-minute difference. The hours on Venus and Jupiter are not suitable for a human to cope and live normal days as they are too long or short.

There would be different physiological responses to stressors if humans were to live on Mars. long-term spaceflight can cause severe vision problems. One of the main reasons why this happens is because there’s an increase pressure inside the skull when on long-term spaceflights. The best way to help this problem would be to create an aircraft equipped with artificial gravity which would prevent an increase in pressure in the skull.

The cardiovascular system functions differently in micro or zero gravity than it does on Earth. As soon as bodily fluids such as a blood shift from the feet to the head the body begins to react. The shifting of these body fluids causes the heart to enlarge so that it can handle the increase of blood flow. To minimise ‘postflight orthostatic intolerance’ astronauts must be given time to get used to the new environment

The biggest physiological change that astronauts would experience would be change in the neurovestibular system. Because of the changes in atmosphere, the astronaut’s body orientation would be altered and it would result in severe motion sickness. medications such as promethazine and scopolamine are extremely helpful with motion sickness.

Colonising to mars would cause many stressors that would have psychological stress responses. One of these stressors could be long-term food and nutritional concerns. Once someone leaves Earth for Mars, no other options are available. This might worry astronauts, making them think negatively. A spacecraft built for Mars should have an eating area. the crew should have access to refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves. Having these, astronauts would most likely be less stressed about food.

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On a mission to mars, getting severely sick would be very stressful as there aren’t the options there would be on Earth. An astronaut could get really anxious in this situation and it could make them really scared, resulting in negative emotions. Having advanced medical kits for space flights would assist this situation. These kits must include antibiotics, allergy treatments, drugs for motion sickness, anxiety, and radiation protection. the whole crew should be trained to be able to know what to do in a severe medical situation.

The last stressor that would cause psychological responses would be fearing of dying alone. This could cause people to be nervous, anxious and sad. The fear of dying alone is a difficult stressor but astronauts should do different things to take their mind of it. They should talk about their feelings with someone to make them feel less stressed and upset.

I am the ENFP personality type tested by the MBTI. ENFPs are energetic, warm and passionate. They are observant and try to notice all things and never miss a moment. They are easily approachable, interesting and have a cooperative and altruistic spirit. This is supported by the tests I have completed because every time I do a personality test, I always get a result as a friendly, energetic and approachable person. I find that these traits actually are accurate in real life.

Features of my personality type that would make me a suitable candidate for Mars would be that my personality type is approachable. If people had a problem, they would find it easy to come to me and talk about it. For an example if someone were scared about colonising to a different planet, talking it out could make them feel better and talking it out to someone very approachable could make the whole situation more easing. My personality type also has an altruistic spirit. Being positive really helps in a tense situation and make everyone laugh can make them relax a lot more.

My personality type finds it difficult to focus to do things that are tedious and not interesting to them. ‘They may drift towards their own routine, matters and away from what needs to be done’ according to the MBTI. To overcome this, I would have to have someone to help me stay on track. Someone who is well organised and can warn me when I may be getting off track.

Once on Mars, there is no return to Earth. If people were to go to Mars, they should be persistent and productive. They should be able to adapt to difficult situations and know their boundaries. Asking questions is good because it’s help people understand more about colonising to mars. One of the biggest characteristics a Mars candidate should have is the ability to trust. Trusting yourself and trusting other would help living in Mars as it can be difficult getting used to a whole new environment.

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