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I want to be a nurse because I not only sincerely care about people, but also help educate them to live healthier lives and make better lifestyle choices. The role of the nurse is accompanied by immense responsibilities. I believe that once I finish my studies, the qualities I possess will eventually make me a very competent member of the nursing team. My interest in nursing started in 2017 when my mother underwent major surgery and kept us in the hospital for a few months. I can see with my own eyes the excellent work done by the nursing staff and the nursing staff, and their dedication to this position. With the qualities I felt I already possessed, at that moment I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. In 2019, I found a job in a humanitarian organization, which showed me the suffering of disadvantaged groups. I decided that I wanted to directly influence and change the lives of those in need. In January 2020, I decided to start my nursing training career as a Nurse Assistant in a reputable hospital. During my work in the hospital, I observed, listened, observed, and participated in a series of patient needs assessments, which are valuable insights into the required patience, communication skills, and commitment to the quality of care.

The care required as a professional nurse… The course I requested today through this personal statement puts me in a good position to pass on the core values u200bu200bof nursing. I believe that the qualities that will help me learn effectively and become a competent nurse include patience and empathy, the ability to follow rules and procedures, the desire to continually improve while acting professionally, and the ability to remain competitive in everything. what I do. I am also a strong communicator and will be fully committed to my studies and can also plan my work correctly to ensure that I meet all deadlines and submission dates throughout the nursing course. I fully understand and understand the responsibilities that I will take on as a nurse, on this basis I understand why it is important to accept only students who are fully committed to their nursing studies and courses throughout the nursing industry. Up until now, throughout my life, I have acted with honesty and integrity, and I can be trusted to always maintain the highest possible standard and demonstrate confidentiality when necessary. I have studied the role of nurses in detail, including core values u200bu200band 6C’s.

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I believe that I can uphold and uphold the requirements of this role. After studying the nursing course in detail, I understand that I need to invest a lot of time to complete all the relevant modules and pass them with the highest grade. In the past, each time I conducted research, I developed an action plan to ensure that I was allocating adequate time to research, write, and learn relevant aspects of the course I was participating in. I also understand that to become a qualified nurse practitioner, hard work begins in this course, and I am fully committed to putting in the work and commitment necessary for success. There are many ambitious and dedicated people applying for nursing courses. However, I feel that the hard work and commitment I will put in my studies and once I am qualified as a nurse, make me a valuable candidate for this course. I understand the responsibility of nurses, and if I have the opportunity to study this course, I will always maintain the highest standards of professionalism, competence, and commitment to quality care. Thank you for considering my application.

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