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I wish to apply for an MSc. Adult Nursing. This program caught my interest because as a graduate who already has a first degree in health-related courses (Microbiology), this course is a faster route to achieving my dream of becoming a certified Nurse in 2 years. This course would enable me to study both in an academic setting and work in the clinical practice environment, enabling me to complete the necessary knowledge and skills to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I would also be trained to work according to the National Health Service standard. I have always aspired to become a nurse since the age of 12. After my undergraduate studies, I did my National Youth Service Corps at the School of Post Basic Nursing, (Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria), I have also working as a health volunteer in the Hospital from 2017 to date.

Some of the Modules of this course include;

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    • Development of Adult Nursing Practice (NAD019-3)
    • Introduction to Adult Nursing Practice (NAD018-3)
    • Essentials of Adult Nursing (NAD007-6)
    • Research methodologies for Health care (NUR016-6)
    • Nursing Dissertation

The above-mentioned compulsory modules are essential knowledge one must acquire to become a certified Adult Nurse. For example, Introduction to Adult Nursing Practice gives an overview of what the Nursing practice is all about, also research methodologies expose nursing students to lots of previous works and research that had been done by other researchers and this prepares the students for their Dissertation.

I have chosen to come for my MSc. Adult Nursing here at the University of Bedfordshire based on many reasons, some of which are;

    • This course is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
    • The mode of assessment through assignments, academic assessment, practice assessment, etc
    • I also have the qualifications and skills required to be considered for admission to this course.
    • The University of Bedfordshire also has a conducive environment for learning having ranked 8th out of 154 UK universities in the latest People and Plant University Green League in 2019.

My plan after being a certified Adult Nurse through this 2-year MMSc program is to go back to my home country to work as an Adult Nurse in organizations that need my services. This would enable me to impact the delivery of good healthcare services. Although, as a health volunteer since 2017, I tried to the best of my ability, not being properly trained to become certified has limited me from practicing fully.

My Undergraduate degree in Microbiology is health-related. I have also had the opportunity to work at the School of Post Basic Nursing (Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria) during my National Youth Service Corps for One year. I also worked as a health volunteer from 2017 till date, which makes me a perfect candidate to be considered for this course. Some of the skills I have acquired through the years are;

    • Ability to take vital signs of the patient and keep proper records.
    • Assisting the Nurses and Community Health Workers during the immunization program and also fixing appointment dates for immunization with proper follow-up.
    • Family planning Sensitization and fixing of appointment dates.
    • Health Nutritional orientation for nursing mothers who are about to wean their babies.
    • Daily record keeping and monthly report of the collated data.

This course (MSc Adult Nursing) is not available in my home country. This is why I have to choose a suitable and recognized institution (University of Bedfordshire, where I can achieve my desired certification in 2 years with a recognized international certificate. Unlike in my home country, where I would spend 5 years (4 years through direct entry) to have a BBSc certification in Adult Nursing.

I would also love to study in the city of Bedfordshire because it’s a safe place to live in according to my research, the city also offers access to the capital (50 miles to London city), as well as all the amenities of a big city on their doorstep. The city is also a balance of rural and urban features which ensures that living there is appealing to all.

I never had a long break in my studies. I started an MMSc program in Medical Microbiology (virology option) in 2018, while I worked as a volunteer. Working as a volunteer motivated me to pursue my ambition of becoming a certified Nurse. I will be through with my MMSc program this August (2021). My transcript for the MMSc program is not available which is why I did not include it in my academic achievements.

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