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The stereotypical men are normally portrayed to be brave, strong, and independent. These are all nice stereotypes in which guys are portrayed. However, a few people may additionally argue that guys are portrayed more negatively than undoubtedly as different guys are portrayed to be lazy, egocentric, and arrogant. Neither of the above is right or wrong. Not all men are brave, strong, and unbiased. Some guys may be sincerely timid, weak, and dependent. The same goes for the negative portrayals of fellows. Not all guys are lazy, egocentric, and arrogant. Some men are genuinely hardworking, unselfish, and humble. There are many more high-quality and poor stereotypes of guys however you’ll argue all the time about whether the stereotypical guys are generally portrayed to be extra fantastic or more bad. It all relies upon the individual. If his traits are superb, then he’s portraying men undoubtedly and if his traits are poor, he is portraying men in a bad way. Just due to the fact a few guys act negatively, it does no longer mean that every one guys ought to be portrayed as being negative. As a real existing example, Osama bin Laden is a merciless guy. However, no longer all men are like him. There are very few men like him. Therefore, there is no conclusion as to whether guys have to be portrayed as extra tremendous or poor. In the tale “Life of Pi” with the aid of Yann Martel masculinity is portrayed positively because the character of Pi is fearless, smart, and unbiased.

Piscine Molitor Patel, better referred to as Pi portrays men in a nice way within the book “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. This is because Pi is courageous. He manages to live to tell the tale on board a lifeboat for 227 days with a completely grown royal Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. Traditionally, a tiger might not kill an individual unless it’s miles provoked. However, a tiger would also kill a man or woman and eat it while it is hungry and isn’t fed or dealt with properly. In the e-book, Pi runs out of food resources even on the lifeboat and he realizes that if he does now not get a few more food, Richard Parker could have killed him for food. Pi indicates his bravery and braveness as he manages to live to tell the tale for 227 days on board the lifeboat even though there may be a completely grown tiger on board the lifeboat with him. A quote inside the e-book is, “Mr. Piscine Molitor Patel, Indian citizen, is a splendid tale of braveness and endurance inside the face of extraordinarily tough and tragic circumstances” (Martel 401). This quote approach that Pi is brave and perseveres because he does now not give up despite facing some limitations in life like being stranded alone on the lifeboat and losing his circle of relatives to the sinking of the Tsimtsum. Furthermore, Pi additionally shows courage when Richard Parker almost attacks him. When a dorado leaps onto the lifeboat, Richard Parker nearly attacks Pi due to the fact he wants to eat the dorado. Although Pi did panic a little, he showed his courage while he figured that he would look Richard Parker in the eyes to try to scare him off. As stated in the e-book, “And so, in a moment of insanity introduced on by hunger-because I became more set on ingesting than I changed into on staying alive-without any method of defense, bare in every experience of turn, I appeared Richard Parker dead inside the eyes” (Martel 280). In this quote, Pi turned into more centered on pleasing his hunger as opposed to staying alive and so, without thinking Pi decides to stare Richard Parker dead in the eyes to try to scare him off. Based on an article, courage is not solely for guys but is especially for men. “Andreia” is the Greek phrase for courage which comes from he-guy and additionally manner of manliness (Mansfield). This article states that men are portrayed to be courageous. Although braveness may be portrayed through a woman, guys are usually portrayed to be greater courageous. In “Life of Pi”, Pi is courageous as he controls life to tell the tale on the lifeboat for 227 days with Richard Parker and he no longer panics and gets scared when Richard Parker almost attacks him. Therefore, Pi portrays men positively as he indicates that men are courageous.

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Secondly, Pi is also smart as he thinks of many one-of-a-kind ways on the way to live to tell the tale on the lifeboat for 227 days. When Pi ran out of meals, he decided to learn how to capture fish and other sea creatures from the sea and meerkats from the island and then consume them uncooked. Besides that, he drinks the seawater after filtering it from the usage of the sun. Other than that, Pi also realizes that he has to feed Richard Parker or Richard Parker might have killed him while he has become hungry to meet his hunger. Therefore, he spent effort and time catching turtles for Richard Parker to consume, even though he does now not stand to benefit a good deal from it. As quoted within the book, “I watched sullenly as he loudly appreciated my present and made a joyous mess of himself. I become spent. The attempt of butchering the turtle had hardly seemed well worth the cup of blood” (Martel 255). This quote essentially states that Richard Parker loved the turtles that Pi stuck for him. In a way, it additionally states that Pi is sensible as he stuck the turtles for Richard Parker so that Richard Parker might now not kill and consume him. Along with that, Pi additionally trains Richard Parker to make Richard Parker well know that Pi is the alpha male on board the lifeboat. This is also so that Richard Parker does now not kill him. As Pi quoted, “I had to devise a training program for Richard Parker. I needed to make him apprehend that I changed into the pinnacle tiger and that his territory was restricted to the floor of the boat, the stern bench, and the side benches as far as the center crossbench” (Martel 211). This quote suggests that Pi changed into trying to put into effect himself as the alpha male or leader on the lifeboat hence proving his intelligence because, if Richard Parker changed into the alpha male, Pi could have been killed and eaten via Richard Parker. Based on an article, it’s miles normally portrayed that guys are portrayed as more wise than girls although it isn’t scientifically validated to be true. In a study, it was concluded that both the IQs of males and females are similar. However, both males and females perceive men to be smarter than women (Timothy). This states that, even though guys are normally portrayed as extra clever than girls, it is not scientifically verified even though both men and women understand men are smarter than ladies. In “Life of Pi”, Pi Patel portrays men as smart as he realizes that he has to feed Richard Parker and that he has to enforce himself because the alpha male on the lifeboat.

Lastly, Pi is also impartial as he manages to live on for 227 days onboard the lifeboat all alone by way of himself with Richard Parker beside him. Pi can’t depend on all of us as Richard Parker is a full-grown Bengal tiger who is predicated on Pi himself for meals. A truth that indicates that Pi is independent is that he has to look for his very own meals. For the first few days onboard the lifeboat, there were biscuits and water at Pi’s disposal in the locker of the lifeboat. However, someone has to devour to live to tell the tale and Pi isn’t any exception. He has to look for food components after the meals onboard the lifeboat runs out. Furthermore, Pi also has to feed Richard Parker as Richard Parker is dependent on Pi for his proportion of the meals. A quote within the book is “Dinner preparations, dinner for self and Richard Parker” (Martel 240). This quote states that Pi prepares dinner for both himself and Richard Parker. Therefore, when the food at the lifeboat runs out, Pi learns the way to trap fish and turtles from the sea with the use of his naked palms and kills them before eating them raw as quoted in the book, “I did whatever turned into essential to maintain a fish down until I should attain for the hatchet and chop its head off” (Martel 246). This quote means that Pi did anything he needed to do to maintain the fish until he wanted to kill it. This suggests that Pi is independent because he learns how to catch fish and sea turtles all by way of himself by way of analyzing the survivor’s guide which became on the lifeboat.

To sum up, the person of Piscine Molitor Patel or Pi portrays masculinity in a high-quality way inside the ebook “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. He indicates that guys are brave as he manages to live to tell the tale for 227 days onboard a lifeboat with Richard Parker, a completely grown Bengal tiger. Furthermore, Pi also portrays men definitely as he’s wise. Pi thinks of ways how to survive on a stranded lifeboat for 227 days after the emergency rations in his locker run out. Moreover, he additionally indicates that guys are unbiased and they no longer want to depend on others. Pi manages to fend for himself and continues to exist on the lifeboat. Moreover, He also trains Richard Parker and suggests that he’s the alpha male on the lifeboat. All in all, the book “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel is a book that positively portrays guys because Pi’s characteristics display the advantageous stereotypes of fellows.

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