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Marijuana has become a hot topic in the United States over the last few years. Many have praised marijuana as a wonder drug that could benefit many Americans with a variety of ailments, while others see it as a gateway to using harder illicit drugs. One of the main topics, as it relates to marijuana, is its ability to serve as a treatment for certain diseases. As a supporter of medicinal marijuana use, I will attempt to write this essay from a conflicting view.

The first con that I would like to address is one that many who oppose the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes which is that there is no concrete scientific evidence that marijuana use has any medical benefit. What’s helpful about this view is that if proven correct, it could completely topple the national debate of legalization. If I believed this view, I think it would be difficult to be open to other perspectives. In an environment absent of any scientific support, this point of view would have to be true.

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Next, I would like to explore the con that smoking marijuana has the same harmful effects as smoking cigarettes which is another commonly used con. I find this con interesting because it uses an argument that compares marijuana to a substance that is legal in all 50 states. If I believed this view it might be a deterrent to supporting marijuana for medicinal use, but it couldn’t be my main reason for opposing it since cigarettes are legal. Depending on the method of inhalation this point of view could very well be true.

Last, I’ll explore another commonly stated con that marijuana use can lead to addiction. I find this con interesting because several substances are legal that could lead to addiction such as soda, alcohol, pills etc. If I believed this point of view, it would be a strong reason for me to lean towards being against marijuana for medicinal purposes. With all the addiction epidemics going on across the country, we don’t need to add to the problem. For someone who is already an addict and/or has an addictive personality this con could be true.

In conclusion, the marijuana debate within our country rages on and may continue for years to come. Until there is a broader understanding of marijuana within the scientific community, we will continue to hear the opposing views on both sides. Some will continue to be against its use based on the issue I have laid out (and more). While others, like me, will demand more definitive proof of the harm that marijuana can cause before flipping point of views.

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