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My name is Tansylu and I am a prosecution attorney. The case being discussed includes the murder of a police officer, Patrick Maloney committed by his wife, Mary Maloney. The prosecution believes that Ms. Maloney has killed her husband and should be charged with manslaughter. By examining the evidence, including the murder weapon, motive, and the emotion she showed during her interrogation, we can determine that Mary Maloney is guilty of this crime.

To objectively assess the situation, the circumstances of the crime scene should be considered. The victim – Patrick Maloney, a hard-working police officer, was always doing good for his community. He protected the town and made the citizens feel safe. The murderer – Mary Maloney was an ordinary housewife in 1950s England. Like most women of that time, she was completely devoted to her husband she depended on him. However, she betrayed her feelings and killed her lover.

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It is true that, recently, they had been having troubles and were fighting, but that is to be expected from any normal relationship. They were usually able to overcome their differences but Patrick’s words about him “going out” (which meant he was leaving Mary), worked as a provocation. She was hurt, upset, and scared about losing Patrick, her true love and the father of her child. Under the influence of intense, emotions Mrs. Maloney decided to hit Patrick as hard as it was possible with a frozen leg of lamb which she happened to have in her hands.

Some may argue that Mary is insane and should be placed in a mental health facility. But the point is that most of us are capable of doing something comparable in extraordinary circumstances. And most of us, presumably, are not mentally sick. Otherwise, Mary Maloney seems completely sane. She is a good homemaker and loves her husband. She is looking forward to having a baby. After she has done the deed and her husband is dead, she shows perfect rationality in looking out for herself and her unborn kid.

The investigator who worked with Mary claims: “It was extraordinary, how clear her mind became all of a sudden. She began thinking very fast.” By asking her questions detective was able to understand what was going on in her mind and he had never reported any evidence of insanity. Mary establishes an alibi and gets rid of the murder weapon by making the police eat it. All of Patrick Maloney’s colleagues, who have known his wife for a long time, regard her as a perfectly normal woman and a law-abiding citizen.

Based on the evidence we believe that murder itself was a product of hot emotion and can be defined as a “crime of passion”, however, her following actions, such as lying to the police and creating a fake alibi, were a product of cool, calm rationalization and prove that Mary Maloney is sane. Therefore defendant should be charged with voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to imprisonment for a period determined by law. 

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