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Background: Briefly describe your background and how any events, obstacles, or successes have impacted your academic and professional goals.

Mathematics has always been an appealing subject to me. The concepts are concrete and tangible, while still thought-provoking in the imaginative sense. I believe that math can be applied to problem-solving in a myriad of fields to produce prosocial change. These math problems parallel my personal goals because, in both processes, you are working towards a solution.

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With mathematics, similarly to biology, the singular processes always affect the whole outcome; there is a structured process of analytical thinking that produces definite solutions. My intended major, Bioengineering, offers an outlet for innovative thinking while providing a concrete application for people, such as the development of prosthetics. These interests had been fostered through my extracurriculars, such as my summer participation in the coding academy at my local community college and the Girls Who Code club.

Through the experience of learning how to code, I realized how much I enjoy the programming processes in 3-D visualization, such as prosthetics. In the academy, one of the projects was to develop a geometric shape. The process began with simple sketches of a cube, then the measurements had to be coded into the software program. Next, the 3-D printer built up the cube, layer by layer. Through trial and error, the calculations were reworked to fit the specific model.

Similar to the structural design of prosthetics, I can apply the concepts of math to create a physical model of my invention. Although the conventions of mathematics may seem abstract, the application of these principles is what allows practical solutions to be made. The cause and effect of each mathematical implementation relate to my aspiration in the Bioengineering field; each new improvement of the slightest degree is progress being made toward a goal.

Career choice: How will your major contribute to your immediate or long-range career plans, including any future contributions to your community?

My aspirations in Bioengineering, specifically the development of prosthetics, require extensive medical training. Through technical training, at this university, accompanied by the various club involvement in the Biomedical Engineering Society I’m working to gain more professional exposure.

I am currently taking Bioengineering courses, in which I am producing 3D modelizations of a vertebra, I’ve gained an immense amount of hands-on experience and hope to continue my learning. This course focused on producing innovations that can effectively catalyze a person’s recovery towards regaining mobility, as well as offer alternative medical instruments for those with disabilities. This furthered my pursuit of my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Science and broadened my understanding of my aspirations in designing prosthetic innovations.

Along with what I learned from this engaging course, I’m focused on producing innovations that can effectively catalyze a person’s recovery towards regaining mobility, as well as offer alternative medical instruments for those in need. From these experiences, I was able to continue my professional experience through a Bioinformatics lab on campus, which specializes in the modelization of mechanics of the heart, for undiseased and diseased patients.

I’m focused on producing innovations that can effectively catalyze a person’s recovery toward regaining mobility, as well as offer alternative medical instruments for those with disabilities. The pursuit of my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Science would be a catalyst for my ideas to form physical, and prosthetic innovations.

From my community involvement, I’ve developed a desire to pursue a career that is not only gratifying but also offers an outlet for creative thinking and problem-solving. I hope to learn from my degrees and relay the knowledge obtained back to my community, through aiding in medical rehabilitation programs. I believe with this occupation I can produce prosocial change for both individuals and society as a whole.

Extra-curricular activities: Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school (i.e. participation in a career academy, clubs, professional organizations, community projects, employment, etc.).

Throughout my high school career, I’ve pursued the many rigorous courses offered at my school, consisting of both AP and IB classes, while participating in various extracurriculars and sports teams. Within my tennis team, I undertook the role of Team Captain for three consecutive years and received the Most Valuable Player Award for two years. At the end of each academic year, every teacher can nominate students to receive a Golden Lion Award in their specific department (Mathematics, History, English, etc.). I was fortunate enough to receive a Golden Lion Award for every subject and receive the Principal’s Award in recognition of my academic diligence.

Aside from my academic experience, I had many active roles in various community service-based and student-led organizations such as serving as Team Captain for Relay for Life organization, State Officer and President of the SkillsUSA organization, and Youth Ambassador at the Desert Town Hall Speaker Series. As Team Captain for Relay for Life, I led our team to raise over $1,200 in funds for the American Cancer Society, over three years.

As Youth Ambassador, I assisted in the event logistics for the renowned Desert Town Hall Speaker Series. I was also assigned the responsibility of creating and giving an introduction for Astronaut Captain Scott Kelly to a vast room of students. This experience of public speaking allowed me to delegate members efficiently in the SkillsUSA organization as I served as a State Officer for students from all California chapters.

From learning these delegation skills, I was able to apply them to my chapter at school, as President. I helped my school’s SkillsUSA chapter gain silver recognition, a state-level award, presented to regional chapters that exemplified a large growth in member participation and an immense amount of community involvement.

Financial need: How would this scholarship impact your ability to finance your education?

As a child of a first-generation immigrant, my pursuit in the medical field, specifically Bioengineering, will be advancing my professional and personal growth towards the qualities I seek to have, reflective of my mother’s such as her compassion and work ethic.

Now as a devoted single mother, she continues to persevere through all the hardships to provide for her children the necessities and educational opportunities she, herself, once hoped for. From the affliction she felt from those dreading hours in the shop to the pain in her cramping fingers and the aches in her back, she’s determined to overcome these challenges to create a happy and stable life, full of opportunities for my sister and me. I try to recall all the sacrifices she has made and those tiring hours spent helping me with homework while learning English herself. These thoughts are what motivate me to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me to better myself not only for my future but my mother’s.

Beginning my first year at UCSD was quite an arduous transition, being that this was my first experience away from my family. I found that acclimating to the academic environment was much more challenging than anticipated, especially since I had no prior insight into the level of difficulty of a university. Adjusting to an accelerated quarter system has also contributed to the rigorous shift from a high school to a university-level education.

Throughout the hardships my mother has been a constant source of encouragement and support, I hope with this monetary aid I will be able to lessen the burden of my costly education. Not only would this financial aid allow me and my family to finance my education and further my aspirations, but it would also provide me personal reassurance to achieve my fullest potential.

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