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As a teen in high school, I can clearly explain the differences between teens during school and outside of school. I can clearly explain the differences of teens actions around different friend groups or even different classes. I feel like a lot of it has to deal with the amount of comfortability they are feeling. Mostly all teens can admit that we all act differently in different kinds of situations but where I mainly see it is at school. Human nature dictates how we act around each other and for that people can be very unpredictable.

Friend groups are an obvious example but I can really explain my reasoning in this. During school we all have certain friend groups unfortunately, we choose our friends that are most like us and what suits us the best. Teens tend to act differently when they are with their group of friends, it’s where they feel comfortable so it’s easy to be more outgoing. Usually when the teen is with someone else other than their friend group they tend to be a bit more silent because they may not know you as well so they kind of act differently. So this is one reason I can call teens very unpredictable.

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Different settings such as a different classroom can make someone unpredictable. In some classrooms teens may feel a bit more comfortable in that specific classroom so they might act differently than how we think they act. It might catch us in shock because in one class they might be quite as a mouse. In another class they might be loud as a thunder strike and insanely annoying. In another class they can be both loud and silent and shy at the same time in a way. The comfortability of a class can really prove my point of saying that teens can be unpredictable at times.

Teens’ personalities differ and they also might differ when they are at home rather than when they are at school. School might be somewhere where they feel insecure and shy. When they are home most people feel safe and it’s a place where they can be themselves. I can say that’s unpredictable because we just are clueless about knowing how they act at home. I say that because teens have certain friend groups. When teens are in that certain friend group teens ignore other people or just flat out do not talk to them. So we may not know if they are different at home and at school.

In conclusion, all people are unpredictable whether you know them or not. Teens may act differently around you. Teens may also act differently when they are away from their groups. In conclusion all teens do act the way they do because of who they are by the most. They want to fit in with their group and not feel like the one that’s always left out. In general teens just want to fit in everything they do and not be not included at anything. Wanting to be included is just a normal thing, it is just how teens are, It’s just how life is

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