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I have chosen to apply for adult mental health nursing as it is a profession that offers the opportunity to make such a profound difference in the lives of people who truly need and appreciate it. Also, I want to feel a high level of job satisfaction in the rewarding field of healthcare, providing practical support to those who need it. I have researched the job role and requirements for nursing. I understand that nursing can be a very demanding yet very rewarding profession for dependable, reliable, devoted people who can develop a relationship with patients. The need to support and bring compassion to a diverse society of people is a desire that has driven me to apply for a nursing degree from a very young age. The fact that I embrace the 6Cs within everyday life is a very good personal quality that can be used effectively within nursing. I believe that I possess the skill and ability to greatly contribute to the success and stability of healthcare institutions and the mental and physical well-being of patients by helping them at their most vulnerable times.

Nursing is a very versatile field and the subjects I am currently studying have many links with adult mental health nursing. With my keen interest in Human Biology, I especially relished studying Biology and Geography. I very much enjoyed learning about communicable and non-communicable diseases in Biology and how they are distributed around the world in countries of varying wealth in Geography. I look forward to enhancing my expertise in Science which in turn will help me when studying for nursing. Studying Chemistry at A Level has improved my acute logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as I have learned to process and interpret information effectively.

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To gain a clear understanding of what a career in nursing has to offer, I took the initiative to undertake a work experience placement in Mercy Hospital, the Emergency Care Unit, and the Cardiology Department. On my placement, I was allowed to shadow doctors and nurses to see what they do on a typical day and was introduced to many of the medical equipment used by nurses. I developed my communication skills as well as my empathetic skills. I was able to ”put myself in the patient’s shoes” to understand how they were feeling. I had to use this skill quite regularly as patients in the emergency care unit have life-threatening illness injuries and are in a large amount of pain.

Furthermore, I have taken part in several medical online work experience programs and courses provided by King’s College, University of Plymouth, and NHS on Future Learn and Springpod which has helped me gain some understanding of the different roles people play in a hospital to provide the best healthcare to patients. This has further enhanced my study skills to become a successful university student.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing fast paced sports such as badminton and puzzle games. This has allowed me to develop vital critical thinking skills within a logical context. I am versatile and adaptable enjoy being challenged and am very dependable. I work well in a team but am equally confident acting on my own. I am confident of embracing this challenge as I would work to the best of my ability due to my empathetic and caring nature which I believe are important qualities required in nursing. To conclude, I believe I am well suited to pursuing a career in nursing and will study hard to ensure I am successful in achieving my career goal.

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