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Get more funding flowing at the grassroots level to increase participation rates for volleyball. This will increase access to the sport through increasing facilities, and availability of coaches and clubs for those that may never have considered volleyball before. Maybe a touring team could be established for a set period to travel to some of the more remote locations in Australia to increase awareness and run coaching and trial sessions to increase awareness and interest.

An increase in funding for marketing the sport and getting it shown more on TV/media would also help to increase awareness and therefore participation in the sport. Get more recognition and media time for some of the top volleyball athletes to establish strong role models for people to aspire to.

There is a lot of focus on sports as a way of being competitive or the best team. As The Summary of the Future of Australian Sport (Csiro Futures 2013) report indicates, there are other growing ‘megatrends’ such as sports needing to fit more around busy lifestyles, growth of lifestyle sports, and a focus on sports for health. Team sports such as Volleyball will need to fit in with these megatrends in some ways if they want to grow. I think this can be achieved by increasing team sports for social and health benefits and not just competition. It can be more relaxed and fun. For example, Volleyball could be set up as a lunchtime or after-school activity that you can just drop into when you are free and you get placed in a team and have a friendly fun match. Adults could also be provided with drop-in or try-out sessions for friendly teams and matches. That way it combines health and fitness with accessibility community and networking all at the same time.

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Volleyball is one of those great sports that does not require much in the way of facilities to play and enjoy. It can be played on a beach with the right net and poles and could be played in many available open spaces where the net can be set up. People just need to be shown how to play the game and to get a taste of how much fun it can be. The health and community/social benefits would then follow.

While some of the sporting ‘megatrends’ may be heading away from the more traditional time-consuming team sports, team sports do still have their place for many people and this can provide health and social interaction benefits. Volleyball can be a cost-effective sport ie it can be played with only a ball, pole, and net and can be easily played for example on a beach.

With additional funding aimed at the grassroots level participation can be increased from all walks of life including indigenous and ethnic groups. In addition, increasing the number of high-profile role models in volleyball would also be a key attractor to the sport.

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