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In the present scenario many students move to foreign countries to explore the knowledge and learn practical skills to achieve their life goals. During this period, they face some challenges that turn in to depression. The depression is a mental health illness that affect human behaviours negatively. The main indications of depression among the international students are lack of interest and happiness. This review is going to investigate that how depression effects the international students with cause effect and solutions to get rid from depression.

Every country has their own culture, beliefs, moral values and language. It is essential that international student must learn the culture of a foreign country to survive there. Culture is helps to build relationships and enhance togetherness with people. The culture shock is the primary cause of depression among the new learners. In the culture shock students face challenges adjust their selves with the new people, culture and language that develop a feeling of anxiety, misconception about the new things. These all things lead to depression among the students. The overseas students who has weak financial background they face the family as well as financial pressure that adversely affect them physically as well as psychologically. Apart from this, number of new learners belongs to rural areas and move to abroad they has to bear all expenses that cause of depression among them. Language is an essential part of every nation. It is the way to make connections and express their own ideas and thoughts with other people (reef).

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International students face hardship due to lack of language knowledge they feel low and rejected by their peers. Some students adjust themselves according to the new environment and some are face difficulties tom speak language. Lack of language proficiency students feel homesickness and isolated in the new country and become the victim of depression. The study satisfaction is also the reason of depression in the overseas students. Those students who has not been satisfy with their selection of course is become the reason of depression. The other case of depression is the body overweight. The students who have been affected by body overweight is affected with obesity and more depressed as compare to normal weight students.

The new learners also face trouble in making new connections with fellow mates. They unable to have any social support that leads to lower academic achievements. Students feel psychologically ill such as stress and depression. The psychological depression is also occurred due to homesickness, isolation, low esteem and feeling of rejection as well. These are the things that makes students internally weak and take toward the stage of depression.

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