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I have always had a desire to constantly bring out positive changes in my life and others. I believe that qualities like helping others to excel in their life, educating others, and never giving up were always inherent in me, because of my upbringing. My parents inspired me at different stages of my life. Another person who inspired me greatly is Ratan Naval Tata, former chairman of ‘Tata Sons, who is not only a top Indian industrialist but also a philanthropist. He taught us that ‘It is not about what people can do for you, but what you can do for the people’, and I believe that the biggest reason behind his success was the quality education that he imbibed from top world-class universities abroad. I also truly believe that knowledge is never sufficient; the more you learn the more you grow. This is the main reason I am passionate about learning from developed countries of the world and bringing a sea change in my life.

I am Abhinav Kumar Pathak from Patna, India. I completed my 12th grade at Delhi Model Public School, Patna, India, in 2013. I then opted to study Bachelor’s of Technology, from Amity School of Engineering and Technology, affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India. My graduation years have had a substantial impact on my life because apart from building engineering skills, I also imbibed numerous interpersonal skills like teamwork, public speaking, leadership qualities, being assertive, and learning from my own mistakes.

During my 1st year of graduation, I was part of the Wordsworth team where along with other team members I organized different events on the college level around the year, which gave me a fair experience in organizing events. In my 2nd year, I took part in numerous events during the technical fest, one of which was “Encuesta” where I secured 1st position. I was also actively involved in the Cultural Fest where I was a member of the Infrastructure team, which taught me how to work in a team and be a team player. In the same year, I completed an in-house project in which I fabricated the Alpha Stirling Engine Model.

In 3rd year of my graduation, apart from core subjects, there were some managerial subjects like Management of manufacturing systems, which made me realize that in addition to technical knowledge, management, and communication skills are also required to gain an extra edge. In addition to that, there were subjects like Operation Research, which is quite fairly related to Supply Chain. Apart from that, I was also the event coordinator at the Alumni Meet, where I was responsible for verifying and updating the details of Alumni and subsequently providing them the check-in tickets. Apart from all these activities, I was also into cultural events and was a member of the core committee in the final year of my graduation, where I demonstrated strong leadership skills and also learned many practical skills by working in different fields like Planning, Marketing, and Sponsor searching.

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In 2016, I undertook an internship at Angad Motors in Faridabad, Haryana for 4 weeks, as a part of my academic curriculum. At Angad, I was given exposure to the Quality and Assembly department. I learned about how different components imported from vendor companies, are assembled and converted into a high-quality farming machine.

In September 2017, I was appointed as a Graduate Engineer Trainee at SHRACHI, where I worked for the next 5 months during which I was appointed as a Service Engineer and Market Analyst. During my tenure, I was supposed to visit different dealerships and interact with customers directly to understand the problems encountered in farming machines on the technical front. This assignment helped me develop qualities such as the ability to communicate clearly and use positive language regardless of the situation along with a high level of patience. Also, as a part of this, I learned to make technical reports which helped enhance my MS Office skills.

Currently, I am working at Accenture Solution Private Limited, as an Application Development Analyst. I joined Accenture in February 2018 and from then on I have been working on Selenium, Mobile and Web Automation, and Web Service Automation Testing. My role includes planning and estimation of automation efforts for user stories and also requires regular coordination with onshore counterparts and client personnel.

Starting from the 1st year of my graduation up till now, every year my interest in management has grown stronger. I thoroughly enjoy involvement in managerial tasks and take every task as an opportunity to learn new things and enhance my intellect. Accomplishment of specific tasks within stipulated time frames gives me a sense of satisfaction and motivates me to work harder. After gaining good technical skills, in the coming years, I see myself as a successful entrepreneur and social worker and I believe that is only possible with the opportunities, guidance, and knowledge I will gain through the chosen course.

The modules offered in the MSc Supply Chain Management, at the highly esteemed International School of Management, will help me to enhance my skills and also to develop many new skills. Each subject, especially Supply Chain Management, Quantitative Methods & Operations Research, Data Science & Business Intelligence, and International Law will help me burgeon my knowledge and skill set. The country of Germany, which is considered the hub of many technical industries will help me to achieve my goals through real industry experience. Living in this country would also provide me with a fair chance to learn German. I look forward to being granted a Visa, as it would help me build my personality, increase versatility, and improve my thinking ability and analytical skills while achieving my goal.

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