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The source is about forgiveness, love, and not holding a grudge. The central basis is why this person chose this particular road to travel and what his life become if he did not change the course. The author’s purpose is to remind us all that we have not always done the right things in life, but change is possible within us; we just have to let it come out. The goal of this source is to inform people about forgiveness and not hold grudges towards people.

Forgiveness is not just practiced by saints and not only benefits its recipients but also has a strong connection with a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. It plays a great role in the health of families, communities, and nations. Forgiveness provides common ground for love, acceptance, harmony and true happiness Most spiritual and religious leaders of the world will agree that forgiveness of oneself and others is one way to clear the mind, heart, and soul and may result in a feeling of increased peace and happiness. ‘Forgiveness’ explores different examples of the benefits of forgiving to a healthy life, strong relationships, PS, and psychological well-being. Forgiveness leads to healthy peace of mind and soul and that is why people try to learn how to forgive. Holding resentments not only harm oneself but other relations as well. Other closer relationships might be affected by the non-forgiveness attitude of a person. Forgiveness has an important medicinal effect on health. Researchers and studies have shown that people who forgive have fewer chances of health issues like heart attack and brain tumors.

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I have learned that in almost every controversial situation there is always more than one party to blame. When someone is blaming everyone else but themselves they are crippling themselves for change and maturity. I believe this applies to many situations except physical abuse. It is very important to forgive others. Forgiveness means to forget someone’s bad deed or mistake. Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never received. Your reaction to someone else’s mistake can be vital to your life and the lives of the others around you. Avoiding forgiveness can leave frustration in your heart and destroy your personality. You must learn to forgive others and yourself. It is very important to forgive.

According to the article source, two emotions work against us and those are intensity and duration; these are the two that affect our health the most. Many people who do not forgive or do not know how to forgive have rage and anger problems on many different levels. These problems proceed to escalate into health problems. Long-term repression is related to cancers. When people are stressed, bitter, angry, or depressed, toxic and unhealthy substances are created in our bodies; this is a substantial reason why it is so important to know how to genuinely forgive.

Knowing what forgiveness ‘is not’ is just as important as knowing what forgiveness is. What forgiveness ‘is not’ provides clear concrete boundaries of how to master the gift of forgiving. Forgiveness is not forgetting; it is remembering, but still forgiving. Forgiveness is not pardoning; pardoning means to release from penalty. It is not justifying, excusing, or condoning bad behavior because there is no excuse for bad behavior. Forgiveness is not denying; it is acknowledging. It is not asking God or a higher power to forgive; in the Christian faith, God has already forgiven sins.

Forgiveness is not telling others that you have been hurt. It is also not telling the ‘offender’ that you forgive them. Forgiveness is not approval for what they did. There is a fine line between understanding and excusing. They are two different things. You can understand something, but not excuse it. Excusing would result in compromising your morals and values for the ‘offenders” actions. It is not getting justice or revenge. Forgiveness is not based on the apology or restoration of the offender. It is not reconciliation; forgiveness takes one and reconciliation takes two and this also has a lot to do with trust issues.

There are many academic representations of what forgiveness is, however some academic resources such as a thesaurus. com defines forgiveness as being something that contradicts its valid meaning. According to the thesaurus. com the definition for the word ‘forgive’ means to stop the blame and to grant pardon. Some of the synonyms provided for the word ‘forgive’ are, to accept apology, excuse, acquit, dismiss from the mind, kiss and make, forget, to purge, to let go, to release, to let bygones be bygones, and to wipe the slate clean.

Contrary to what this website describes as forgiveness, its’ definition is none of these things it is the absolute opposite according to the things that forgiveness ‘is not’ as stated in the last paragraph. Forgiveness is justice, it is mercy, and it is grace. Justice is mainly concerned with what is right or wrong and punishment or reward ideas. Mercy is more of a feeling or act of pity and compassion. Grace is an act of favor and honor. Forgiveness is all of these things. An example of all three combined would be an act of crime such as shoplifting.

If someone shoplifts and gets caught the person who is the victim can seek justice, and they can have mercy on the offender by pitying them. They can also grant them favor or honor, not by excusing the crime, but by simply wishing them the best in life, praying for them, or even showing different forms of acts of kindness. Just because someone seeks justice does not mean they do not forgive the offender, as the saying goes ‘Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of justice (Harrison Ford)’.

What I found to be most interesting in the article source were the talks about how diverse religions interpret the meaning of forgiveness. According to Answers. com, Judaist believes that if a person causes harm, but then sincerely and honestly apologizes to the wronged individual and tries to rectify the wrong, the wronged individual is religiously required to grant forgiveness. After a certain point, three sincere apologies, an attempt at restitution, and a clear indication that the person has changed, it becomes the obligation of the wronged party to forgive.

According to the article source, a person knows when he or she has forgiven when anger dissipates, reconciliation sometimes occurs, behavioral responses are calmer and steadier, and motivation to the ‘offender’ changes when the situation is not dominating your thoughts as it used to be. A person’s energy is less negative and more positive, and when our emotions are a lot less intense we let go of them faster when we have forgiven and there is a change in physical appearance, mentality, and spirituality and it usually happens without them realizing it.

The author of the article tells us how it is important to react in the right way to someone else’s mistake. When you act in response to an act or mistake, it could cause damage to good and bad sides. Fighting or taking revenge will only make a situation worse and it also means that you would commit a bad deed as well. If you do not fight or take revenge but choose to forgive, you are in a higher place than the other person. By acting maturely and not fighting or taking revenge, you will not damage your self-respect. Also, there will be peace between you and the other person because you both acted maturely. It is important to react in the right way to someone else’s mistake.

Also, it is important to forgive because avoiding forgiveness causes frustration in your heart and destroys your personality. If you forgive someone, you will feel better about yourself. Your heart and your mind will become more relaxed because you have peace in knowing that you do not have to be angry with anyone. In history, war broke out because countries could not forgive each other. If you simply learn to forgive, your mind and heart will be at peace instead of at war. Forgiveness is very important.

Lastly, forgiveness is important to you and the people around you. If you do not find forgiveness in yourself, others can become victims of your ego and revenge. If you are too prideful to forgive someone, you need to change your mindset. If someone does you wrong, you must kindly treat everyone because it is not their fault. If you don’t forgive yourself, you can’t forgive others. Forgiveness is very important to you and the people around you.

In conclusion, it is very important to forgive others. It is important to react in the right way to someone else’s mistake. It is important to never avoid forgiveness. Also, the way you react to forgiveness will affect you and the people around you. It is very important to forgive others.

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