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Dear Mr. President,

I believe that the civic and political participation is way more than important to the United States government and even the society we live in. Therefore, the country can function or stay function properly. I think if most of the people stop ignoring the civics and participate as human beens and not make poor choice. I think just a few persons are hired to work for the government rather than other political jobs in that position. It’s our responsibility as citizen to ensure our rights and action are taken seriously. Furthermore, I think the civic is important for us it help as people to have rights to be heard and maybe to fight for our rights and equality.

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The reason am writing you in regard is a holiday for Ida B. Wells. Miss Wells was a born African American Journalist and civil rights activist. Miss Well help to change how African American was threated and also wanted the public to hear and be aware of the segregation. Ida was also a part of the Memphis newspaper company called ‘The Free Speech and Headlight’. Been there working Ida felt it was necessary to write about woman’s right and the anti-lynching and how African American was threated unfair because of color. Miss Wells also show that by taking part in the government individuals are able to help and take part in influence in decision and administration even legal division. Wells is also known for creating suffrage club; it was for Africa American woman in Illinois.

We all need a holiday for Ida. B. Wells for her bravery and great work also her effort she put in to make it better for everyone in this country. Ida has a big impact on today society because her action helped the way how African American was threated also give woman the right to vote. She encourages people to stand up for what they know and to threaten people’s equals to because of color nor gender.

Our history has a good amount of important people who is never mention about often in our history life. Ida made life for woman much easier because women are now cheated with respect and pride and not threated unfair and gain their rights. Not because of color we should hate each other but instead of hate we stick together. African American is not just the color but to get along with, color is nothing we are all one but having that holiday for Ida. B. Wells will be something so important to many African American.

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