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There are many steps that you can take to achieve your goals and here are some of mine. First off, my name is Somer Queen, from Houston, TX. I grew up in a townhouse on the south side of Houston Texas with two older sisters. My parents always taught us to value ourselves whether it was in appearance or just how we carried ourselves. These values have stuck with me throughout my life such as treating people how you want to be treated, don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say, and never letting anyone get you out of your character. The most important aspect of my life is my family and making a career for myself. I would do anything to help my family, they are what drives me to keep going in life. Thinking about it, if I don’t do it no one will as in life nothing ever goes into the plan so it is good to have alternatives.

My priorities are focusing on finishing school with a bachelor’s in business marketing with a minor in communication plus getting my teacher’s certification and providing for my family as well. Business Marketing is my major, and choosing this major was fairly easy for me as I want to be a social media marketer helping people get their business off the ground. For my academic goal, in college is to be on the honor roll by working hard and striving to be the best I can be. By doing this I will have all A’s and B’s throughout the 4 years of my college years. I will hopefully graduate at the top of my class, being someone people look up to.

I also would like to get my teaching certificate just in case I would want to teach marketing at a school or college level.

Traveling is one of the things that most excite me about growing up and becoming an adult. I would like to travel around different countries seeing the world. Some of the countries I would love to visit will be China, Singapore, and Jamaica as they all look like it would be a great experience. Traveling could help me find other ideas business-wise and overall help me widen my thought process developing different productive ways to do business. I would go international to obtain employment if that was the right move for me and I would be sure that my family was provided for and well taken care of. I think going international would give a variety of different opportunities that probably wouldn’t be provided in the United States. There would be a research process within the countries that would like to hire me. This would make it easier to transition to know exactly what I would be getting myself into.

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In five years I would have already graduated with my bachelor’s in Business Marketing with a minor in communications. Also, I see myself in a stable environment starting up my business in whatever my life directs me in. The process I am going to take to get where I want to be will be making sure my grades are on the honor roll. This will help me get different opportunities such as joining organizations and getting into internships. My faith will also play a big part in my plan for becoming successful. Life comes with so many turns so a backup plan to my original plan will still be getting my degree by working for a company as a marketing manager working my way up through the company. This would be a good alternative as it will still give me the luxury of doing things my way in a sort.

In seven years it would be more of an advanced plan as I would be adding a family into my career plans as well. By year seven, I will be successful in my business of helping people gain their social media presence by creating a guide / in or interactive service for a fee. This is going to help me be able to have a more flexible schedule being able to work from home so when I do plan on making a family it would be more convenient. Adding a family could be more stressful as far as owning my own business but since it is a business owned by me it would be less trouble. Since my business is helping with social media presence it is an online business that you could purchase so I could simply work at home.

The alternative plan for my original plan would be to be working at the same company as a marketing manager hopefully moved up in a raise for the years I have been working there. Also, adding a family on top of working for a company would be harder as I would most likely have to take fraternity leave. This means it would only be one income coming throughout the household which could put a lot of pressure and instability. With this happening, I would use my knowledge of people’s social media and businesses by making a YouTube channel. My YouTube channel would be based on family vlogs and activities hopefully getting another income for the household. Also, it gives me more time to spend time with the baby, focus on taking care of the house, and make sure I am okay getting myself back into the groove of things before going back to work for the company.

The retirement plan will start now throughout college if I could it would also be through saving funds as I work on or throughout a company depending on what I decide to do with my degree. The steps I will take to make sure I am financially stable will be saving money such as not going out to eat so often. Putting some of my checks if working for a company away into a no-touch account would help with saving money as well. If I start my own business I should be able to take save easily when my business starts to take off.

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