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When people ask you, or when you ask yourself what it means to be American, what usually comes to mind? For most people, they would say to be american would mean to be born in America or to be a citizen of America. While those are correct answers, the question can go rather deep with all sorts of answers, but today I will tell you what it means to be American in just one simple answer that mixes all of them in a small note.

So let’s say Amercian can be a word that means multiple things like freedom, culture, land, etc. Some stuff that would consider you to be American would be to feel the pain or the share the victories this country has gone through during its years. For example 9/11, everyone who was in America at the time remembers where they were or what they were doing during that devastating moment of the early new century.

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If we go further back in time we can when The great President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in front of many people from the country. A Lot of Americans were deeply sad about their beloved president’s death. There was a funeral held to the public where people could see his casket and pray with one another. There was a photograph that was taken during said moment whilst his casket was being carried away. In the photo, you can see Mrs. Kennedy mourning over her husband and other family members on the other side in the front row. You could see that the photographer was not in the front row but at a respectful distance for them to capture the sad moment.

So if you’re thinking, why are you telling me about sad moments in American history, it’s to show you that all of these fellow citizens in the country have all shared a tear or two over the devastating moments that have happened in America. But it’s not just crying together that makes you american, it’s also the victories that we have won together as well. Yes not all of us in the country fight in a war and put our lives at risk, but we celebrate with the ones we do and we honor them by sharing the victory with not just the ones at risk but with the country and people in it as a whole.

If you would, allow me to pull up another photo, or painting, from past events. There wasn’t a proper name for this one, but it clearly shows Washington crossing over the Delaware river in a boat showing a great amount of pride. This painting was of course not accurate on how this actually looked and how it went down, but it was meant to show american pride while Washington was making his way to a victory for the newly founded country of America. In the painting, Washington is standing in a boat looking rather prideful whilst holding an american flag during the Revolutionary War in 1775.

To wrap things up in a box with a little bow, being american doesn’t just mean that you were born here or that you got your citizenship to be american, but it also means to have pride together and to feel together as a country. To be american is to be one united nation and to fight or celebrate as people together. Yes, some people have different opinions than others but that doesn’t make us different than the next american or the next or the next. Even though we fight against each other we still fight together against other nations and hold american pride close to our hearts.

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