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Greetings, my name is Jaquelyn Nino, and I live in Houston, TX. What I want is to become a physical therapist. My career plan to achieve it includes getting my associate’s degree, then my bachelor’s degree in biology, a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree which takes between 3-4 years to get, and finally getting licensed as an official therapist. The thought of becoming a physical therapist came to me last year. It was largely influenced by an accident that my uncle had in a 4-wheeler that left him with a stroke and unable to move properly. After seeing the therapist giving him therapy and taking care of him it inspired me to want to become like them and help other individuals. Majoring in Biology or any natural science will help me obtain my dream job. Therapists focus on helping patients with movement and pain for illnesses, chronic conditions, and rehabilitation in most cases. I think the qualifications I have for that career are being friendly, knowing how to work together, and being happy to brighten up someone else’s day. Another thing that is different about my background is that I am bilingual, and I don’t give up easily.

The VARK Learning Styles Assessment that I took suggests that I learn better as a visual, aural, and kinesthetic learner. I think that being a kinesthetic learner will help me succeed in my career choice because being a therapist requires a lot of hands-on work. Being an aural learner is beneficial when entering my career since most classes and directions will be given vocally. Being a visual learner can also help me with models and other things about the human body and how it works. Therefore, I believe that the results I get will benefit me in my career.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the annual salary for a physical therapist is $89,440. Rates regarding physical therapists from 2019-2029 Are expected to grow by a factor of 18%. This is largely due to aging baby boomers and obesity along with injuries. What these therapists do is help with movement and manage pain. Some responsibilities that these individuals have are reviewing patients’ reports and overall cases, developing plans for everyone’s recovery, and using exercises like stretching and hands-on therapy to help deal with patients’ pain. Another thing they do is record the individual being treated progress on recovery and inform patients’ families on what can be expected throughout the process of recovery. The level of education needed to fulfill the tasks is a doctoral or professional degree in physical therapy. As a result, my educational goal is to get my associate’s degree in two years. Then hopefully I will get my bachelor’s degree after 4 years continuing with a master’s degree after 2 years. Then getting a doctorate in therapy and getting licensed. I am planning on getting scholarships or saving up to pay for my college tuition and be able to know necessary to become a therapist.

Therapists in Houston salaries often range from $36,070 to $128,520. Job opportunities in Houston are likely to increase. Having a certificate helps you be more likely hired and promoted. 3% of therapists in Houston have an Associate, 29% have a Bachelor’s, 25% Maters, and 42% of therapists have a doctoral or professional degree which means that a Doctoral will be needed to become a therapist. Responsibilities for this profession include planning, participating in rehabilitation, helping patients with their health, and many other things that were already mentioned.

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The amount of money that I need to live a comfortable life in Houston, Texas according to Texas Reality Check is a minimum salary of $84,180. I want to be able to live a life where I own my own house, I can provide for my children, have a pet, and have some breaks occasionally to have some fun as a family. My goal is to become a physical therapist and with my career, I will be able to obtain the lifestyle that I am looking for in the future. A physical therapist earns $43 per hour and has an annual salary of $89,627, therefore it will help me obtain the lifestyle that I am looking for.

The cost of living in Orlando, Florida is about $48,742. Living in Florida decreased the amount of money needed to live the life that I want compared to Houston. Some expenses that help reduce the amount needed to live in Orlando include housing, utilities, transportation, and Health Care. Therefore, it is cheaper to live in Orlando, Florida. On the other hand, living in San Diego, CA can be a bit pricy. To live in San Diego a salary of $74,738 is needed for me to live the life that I want which is more than it would be if I were to stay in Houston. The main reasons that make living in San Diego pricy are increased prices in groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and Health Care. Living in Houston will cost $84,180 which is not that bad. Therefore, living in Florida might be a considerable offer.

Volunteering at TIRR Memorial Herman will be an excellent opportunity to gain expertise in the physician profession. The TIRR Memorial Herman requires volunteers to be 15 or older, have no criminal background, and fill out an application. TIRR Memorial Herman specializes in rehabilitation and when volunteering you will be able to work with patients who have experienced injuries like strokes, amputation, brain injury, trauma, and so on. This program needs volunteers who are willing to help patients get back to their lives like it was before the injury or accident by using a treatment personalized for them. Helping in the program will allow me to have an insight into a physician’s daily job. It will also help me improve my interaction with patients and staff allowing me to start networking. Another place that I can volunteer at is the Houston Food Bank. Helping at the food bank will help with teamwork, citizenship, and friendliness which will be great transferable skills to have when working with others in any job. Responsibilities that will be given to volunteers at the food bank include sorting out items, packaging the items, and giving out food to the ones in need. Therefore, volunteering at the food bank can be beneficial and exciting. Being easy to work with, cheerful, and on task are characteristics that I have that can enhance my success in this career. My goal is to help groups of individuals that need help even if it’s not with therapy. I want to make a difference in people’s lives overall.

To add up, my long career goal is to have a doctorate by 6 to 10 years from now. I want to accomplish it because I will have an opportunity to have a better future and obtain my dream job. To reach my goal I will first work for my associates which I am doing currently. After that, I plan on doing my Bachelor’s. I will probably take a break after those 4 years and then go back to college to earn a master’s degree and doctorate at the same time. I will work hard to get provided with scholarships and get free education free of debt. Another thing I may do to accomplish this goal is to ask my family for their patience and comprehension. Acknowledging that I might encounter obstacles along the way, I will try to save money for future expenses, go out less, and study ahead of time along with asking for help when I need it. I hope to live my life to the fullest by enjoying my job, being with family, and always having work. Once I reach my goal, I will look back and be proud of myself for how far I have come and that my hard work paid off. Hopefully, in 10 years I have a stable job and a beautiful family.

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