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Life consists of mistakes, mistakes happen as a child as a teenager, and even an adult, and they’re uncontrollable. However, the punishments for one’s mistake are decidable between one and their peers. Whether it’s a life-or-death situation or a parking ticket. The government will always find a way to pursue someone’s guilt. Over the years not only have activists demonstrated the unperceivable context but have linked a way to demolish the punishment factor. These accidents which are mistakes in one’s life decisions but are reasonably fought to teach one another from becoming butane.

The story of Jury and her peers begins with the protagonist. Martha Hale’s hasty departure from her farmhouse kitchen. She looks around, hating to leave her workspace in disarray, but her husband impatiently tells her to hurry. Mrs. Hale joins the group of people in the buggy outside. The party includes the county attorney, George Henderson, the local sheriff, Henry Peters, his wife, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Hale’s husband, Lewis Hale. The small group arrives at a neighboring farmhouse and enters the kitchen. Mrs. Hale reflects that she has never set foot in the farmhouse, but wishes she had called on the inhabitants: John Wright and Minnie Wright. Mrs. Hale knew Minnie Wright as a young woman, but she has been caught up in her own busy life and has not made the effort to visit Minnie in the past twenty years. George Henderson calls upon Mr. Hale to tell his story of the events of the previous day at the farmhouse. Mrs. Hale looks on nervously as her husband speaks, aware of his tendency to mix up stories or share unnecessary information. She reflects that this could make things worse for Minnie. Mr. Hale explains how he was driving by the Wrights’ farmhouse the previous day when he stopped to call on his neighbor. He had hoped to install a party line telephone for both their houses, but Wright hadn’t been interested, and Mr. Hale decided to try asking him in front of his wife. Although Mr. Hale reflects, he doesn’t know that his wife’s opinion would have made much difference to John Wright. Mr. Hale entered the house to find Minnie Wright in her rocking chair. He asked after her husband and she calmly told him that he was there, but Mr. Hale couldn’t speak with him because he was dead. Mr. Hale went upstairs and found John Wright’s body in his bed. He has been strangled to death. Minnie Wright said she did not wake up, although she slept next to him when this murder occurred.

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An act of treason may have occurred however one without evidence will not be able to decide the problems which have occurred. Minnie Wright was conquered to be a young girl who loved to sing, she had been the dead bird who was found by Mr. Hale and Mrs. Peters. Minnie was abstracted to have killed her husband since she had a “motive” however a trial must’ve been admitted unsaintly since she was a female. However, the story of fake innocence always gives the real story away. The story collected as As they collect the items to take to Minnie, the two women comment on an empty birdcage they find. The birdcage is notable for its broken door. Martha Hale expresses her concerns about not having visited Minnie in twenty years because she was aware of John Wright’s unsocial and stern character. She imagines the lonely life Minnie must have had with John Wright. The women look for Minnie’s quilting materials, open a red box, and are instantly repulsed by the smell from inside. Overall the men wrap up their investigation with no evidence to point to a motive. George Henderson starts to look through the things Mrs. Peters is taking to Minnie at the jail, but then stops, laughing that the things are only harmless, womanly things. Hidden among these things is the box with the dead bird inside. The men have failed in their search for evidence, but at least, George Henderson jokes, they found out about Minnie’s quilting project. He asks Martha Hale to remind him what the term was for how Minnie might finish her quilt.

Martha Hale participates in the appearance-based judgments that other characters in the story tend to make when she observes Mr. and Mrs. Peters in terms of how she thinks a sheriff and his wife ought to look. The physical differences between Mr. and Mrs. Peters mirror the power differences between the characters: Mr. Peters holds all the power and Mrs. Peters none. Martha’s regret over not visiting Minnie eventually develops into her certainty that more forms of wrongdoing are punishable by law. Minnie Wright’s possessions reveal to the reader the type of situation she lived in with her husband. Because neither John nor Minnie appear directly in the story, their past relationship has been described by other characters and by the physical details of their home. The poor quality of Minnie’s clothes and the many work-related possessions show that the couple was poor. The discussion between Minnie and her highlights the importance of evidence pointing to a motive for murder, which foreshadows the appearance of this evidence in the text. Again, the importance of evidence related to motive is highlighted by the overheard conversation of the men. In this instance, directly after the women have found the dead bird, the juxtaposition is an example of situational irony the men are still searching for what the women have found. George Henderson doesn’t consider whether or not to trust Mrs. Peters. He doesn’t think a woman is even worthy of such concerns, which further trivializes her and her potential.

The two female characters in the story, Mrs. Peters and Martha Hale, have conflicting commitments to Minnie Wright and the male-dominated legal system. Their commitment to Minnie Wright is due to their realization that all women have experienced isolation because of oppressive gender roles. However, just because of gender reality, they should not hold that against her, Minnie was taken through scans and tests to find the true criminal in the situation.

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