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In Thor: The Dark World, Thor develops through the Hero’s Journey. He starts off wanting to be the king of his father’s realm, but an attack on Asgard and the love of his life contracting an Infinity Stone teaches him otherwise.

The first part of the Hero’s Journey starts in the hero’s ordinary world; in this case, Asgard. Thor was next in line to be king after his father, Odin. He was eager to be king of the realm and would do anything to protect it. Out of the blue, there’s an attack in the dungeon, and there’s a monster led by the Dark Elves invading it. All of the prisoners are released and an attack on Earth ensues. There is no refusal of the call here – It was pretty much Thor’s job to help. While he was distracted, his father was severely injured by the Dark Elves, and his mother was killed trying to protect Jane, his significant other. Both are adding gasoline to the fire of revenge, and Thor crosses the threshold into the unknown world, Earth.

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Next, the Dark Elves, led by Malekith, arrive at Greenwich, near a university. He has to battle Malekit and win, as well as quarantine the Aether, which Jane had originally succumbed to. It was too powerful for a normal human being because it is one of the six Infinity Stones. Of course, Thor wins and forever defeats the Dark Elves, after a long battle. Here he reaches the second part of the Hero’s Journey, where he has to approach the inmost cave and battle it out, to seize the reward.

Lastly, we reach the third part and return to the ordinary world, Asgard. He returns Jane to Earth, happily. Mostly, everyone returns to their ordinary lives. Back at Asgard, after everything, it is time for Thor to seize the throne. Surprisingly, he refuses to claim it. He says he doesn’t need to be king, and says all he wants is to “be a good man rather than a great king.” (Taylor, 2013) The Aether is too dangerous to be kept on Asgard, as they already have the Tesseract, which encompasses the space stone. They give it to the Collector, and the story comes to a close, ready to be continued in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In Conclusion, Thor has learned selfishness, and that he doesn’t always have to be what he can. He doesn’t need to seize every opportunity, and it can be overwhelming sometimes to do things people expect of you After an eventful story, he has completed the Hero’s Journey.

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