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The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner, is a delightful fantasy adventure comedy. The film follows a pair of lovers, Westley and Buttercup, trying to find their way back to each other after being separated for many years. Westley is a farmhand who works for Buttercup’s family. Buttercup taunts Westley daily by making him do numerous degrading tasks for her. She later realizes she was callous to him. However, Westley loves her so much that he patiently serves her slightest whim with a smile and a gentle, “As you wish.” Westley is happy to do anything for her. Buttercup eventually realizes that she loves him. He wants to have a better life with her, so he sets out to find wealth and come back to her. After only a few weeks of being gone, Buttercup gets word that his ship sank. She assumes that he is dead and secludes herself. Her beauty catches the interest of the arrogant Prince Humperdinck, who takes her to be his wife. Buttercup gets captured many times throughout the film, even by Westley who survives the shipwreck and now lives a masked existence as the Dread Pirate Roberts. The rest of the film revolves around our star-crossed lovers trying to reunite after events continually separate them.

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The Princess Bride has a plethora of sympathetic characters and a strong theme of friendship. Most of the characters come in pairs like our protagonists Westley and Buttercup, the charming Inigo and the gargantuan Fezzik, the hilarious Miracle Max, and Valerie. Every character has someone to complement their personality. Seeing everyone interact with each other makes for some great entertainment and a seemingly endless amount of lines to quote. Even the antagonist has his pairing, a character known as the six-fingered man. One of the best couplings is the friendship between Inigo and Fezzik. They are such a charming part of the story. Without their heroic help, the story would otherwise end in catastrophe. They understand and support each other no matter what. The audience can tell that they care for one another. Seeing them onscreen together is one of the highlights of the film.

I love this film. It never ceases to bring me joy when watching it. I think the reason I love The Princess Bride so much is because of the central love story. I wish that I had a love like Westley and Buttercup, a love that is indivisible and indestructible. Unfortunately, at the moment I am a single pringle. I’m not in a rush to find love because I know real love is worth the wait. I realize that this film is a fantasy, but it is still nice to imagine having someone who would sail to the ends of the earth to find you. As the wise man, Miracle Max, says, “True love is the greatest thing in the world.” I can’t wait to find my true love. 

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