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The Giver is about a young man named Jonah and his journey to find the truth. Jonah is the protagonist throughout the story, he’s 11 years old and different from a lot of other kids. He’s thoughtful and caring, and he is chosen to be the new receiver of memory which is a great title to have in their community. The antagonist throughout the story is society itself. Society wants everyone to act and be a certain way, because different is bad. Jonah has to overcome what society thinks to reach his full potential. The Giver is a minor character, but he helps Jonah reach his full potential, and learn the truth about “the society”. Lastly, we have Fiona, one of Jonah’s friends. Feelings are bad, and once Jonah realizes he has feelings for her, so many things change.

“The Giver” is based on a futuristic society where nothing bad ever happens, hate, war, and prejudice don’t exist. When kids grow up their given a place in society, and a job is chosen for them. You also get paired with a partner once you’re of age. Jonah is the main character of the story, and from an early age he’s different from the rest of the kids. On the day that his job is given to him, he gets chosen as the receiver of memory. This is a high job in the community and it’s very special. The Giver teaches Jonah all about the past and the truth about the society, and its too much for Joto to take in. Jit’sh devises a plan to leave society behind and go learn about the real world. Jonah’s friends Asher and Fiona along with The Giver help him with his escape. Jonah takes along with him a baby named Gabriel because he wants to have company ad give him a chance at a better lie. After all, society is going to k. After all,ff because he didn’t acquire that. After all, to stay in the community.

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One of the main conflicts in “The Giver” is when Jonas starts receiving troublesome memories from The Giver, there is too much to bare and it pains him physically and morally. After he retains those memories, he realizes how much he doesn’t want to stay within the society anymore. Another conflict is when Jonah’s father takes in a baby named Gabriel, and Jonah gets attached to the baby. The baby isn’t healthy enough to stay in the community, so he will get “released”, the thought of this hurts Jonah so badly and gives him yet another reason to leave. The last conflict is when Jonah finally leaves. He’s hunted down for days at a time by people and search planes. Nobody had left the society in centuries, so this wat normalfort for all. These three conflicts are really important to the story because they give Jonah a reason to leave the community and to keep on fighting. While the search planes looked for him Jonah experienced things he’d never experienced before like hunger, coldness, and just in general scared. They shaped him into a survivor.

The character Fiona, is a minor character, although the author, could of explored Fiona Jonah’snahs relationship more than he didJonah’sr backstory could of created something a lot more meanhavegful, and it would of given him more reason to stay with society. The book itself is really interesting and keeps you on your toes. The one thing I would change about the book would be the ending, it leaves you on a huge cliffhanger so you never really know what happens.

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