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Toni Morrison was born in 1931 and is still alive today. She lived in Lorian, Ohio. Four of her most famous works are Bluest Eye, Sula, Tar Baby, and Song of Solomon. I am doing this essay on her because of her variety. She writes not only novels but poems as well. Another reason I chose her is because of her book The Bluest Eye. It is a very interesting book. I also chose her because of her novel Sula.

She is the first African American to receive a literature Nobel Peace Prize. She has won many awards. Among these is her book Song of Solomon. Another book that she wrote is The Bluest Eye. The Bluest Eye also has awards. It is my favorite book by Toni Morrison. The Bluest Eye is the first novel written by Morrison.

The Bluest Eye talks about Morrison’s struggle with beauty and racism. It also talks about how beauty is constructed by social encounters. The novel takes place in the 1960s so it also talks about the struggles of feminism. It also states the difference in beauty in the black and white communities.

The Bluest Eye is the story of an eleven-year-old black girl. Her name is Pecola Breedlove. She wanted to bluest eyes. Like most characters, she sees herself as ugly. The standard of beauty, according to her friends, is a white actress, Shirley Temple. The beginning even starts with a description of a perfect white family. Shirley Temple is the one with the Pecola’s desired blue eyes.

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The Bluest Eye does not only focus on racism but rather black self-hate. They feel like they are ugly. For instance, the whole novel is about Pocola trying to get the biggest, bluest eyes. She wants to be just like the actor Shirley Temple. The Bluest Eye is a great example of racism and black self-hate.

Another Famous book by Morrison is Sula. According to “Morrison’s Sula is a story of motherhood, friendship, and love. It follows two girls, Nel and Sula, from childhood to adulthood and describes the way their deep bond is tested by societal norms. Set in a mostly black town in Ohio, the story explores the relationship between women in the segregated and patriarchal South. Nevertheless, the novel champions the many strong female characters it features as leaders, mothers, and property owners.” Sula is a great novel that talks about the lives of two black women.

Just like Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye, Sula talks about racism and social standards of beauty, and it talks about black self-hate. At the beginning of the novel Morrison talks about the destruction of the beloved town. The town is a mostly black community in Ohio.

The two main characters in the story are Nel and Sula. The novel follows them through adulthood. It talks of their struggles through life. For instance: racism, social injustice, and struggles of feminism. Helene and Nel need to go to New Orleans to visit a dying relative. On their way, they experience the racism and social injustice of the South. According to “Helene and Nel meet Helene’s mother in New Orleans, who did not raise Helene on her own because she was a prostitute. When the two return Helene is glad to be separated from her shameful past and Nel is determined to one day be “wonderful.” She begins this venture by befriending Sula against her mother’s wishes.”

In conclusion, Toni Morrison is an African American author. He writes novels and poems. Most of her books talk about racism black, self-hate, and the ocial struggles of feminism. I chose Toni Morrison for her ability to write both novels and poems.    

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