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The American comedy musical film ‘Singing in the Rain’ starring Eugene Curran Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, and Jean Hagen, and directed by Debbie Reynolds and Stanley Donen. It offers a comic depiction of Hollywood and its transition from silent films to talking films. Throughout the movie, you can see many various elements that make the movie musical. The music, setting, costumes, and makeup, of this movie received enormous success during the 20th Century. Don is happy as he can continue doing pictures as talking pictures and the girl Cathy of his dreams by his side. Don is singing about singing in the rain as he mentions ‘I’m singin’ in the rain, Just singin’ in the rain’ and how glorious it feels. He also sings about being happy again and being ready to love. This could be because he has found Cathy.

The dancing during the song showed by using tap-dancing based on the sound of stopping walking/stomping in the rain. You can see that he is happy by the facial expressions on his face shown smiling throughout the video and the upbringing moves Don does walking fastly pacing down the street. Some moves that could tell he is happy were the little leaps of joy, walking down the street quickly, also him flipping and turning his umbrella (3:14). He also shows his happiness by just simply not using the umbrella and getting wet in the rain, standing under the water pipes crossing the street with happiness. (3:21)

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The choreography for the happy dance that takes place in this dim environment is arranged. According to the principle of rising action leading to a happy climax. The tap-dancing pieces correspond to the level of happiness and take place, in the narrow space of the pavement. Don dances in front of a bright store Windows, facing the road, where the camera is mounted. The percussive footwork it’s the most distinguishing characteristic of this dance. Rhythmic loops join a dialogue with the song, giving either an accompaniment or a syncopated counterpoint. It is the sound made by his legs that has an odd quality, as the metallic sound is usually present here. His legs create a fast and light touch with the surface, leaving it directly afterward. The result is a sense of lightness. The use of his arms and umbrella allows him to build the feeling that they’re bigger. Don travels freely with the same intention across the horizontal gap of the pavement. In comparison to these values, the leaps and splashes are rendered at the top. There was a wide puddle on the left side of the lane, where Don arrived at the end of the road. At first, he’s resisting his urge to leap into it, even as he’s beginning to have fun. Play on the surface. He eventually falls into the puddle, reconsidering his move. Don’s enjoyment reaches its climax in this joyful moment.

There are costumes and props used throughout the scene. The costume used in this scene was a suit and hat that Don was wearing as he was out before with Cathy to the premier for the talking picture. The costuming also contributes to him being happy therefore him being careless about getting his suit wet. He takes off his hat letting the rain drip down his face, therefore, implying happiness. Don is shown with an umbrella using it as a prop and is always making use of it while he is dancing At 2:23, Don appears to be holding the umbrella and playing it like a guitar. The streetlights are also used as a prop when Don swings on them as he starts to sing with a louder tone (1:20). The rain is also used as a prop as it matches the song ‘ Singing in the Rain’. 

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