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The reason for writing this statement of purpose ​is to place forth my aspiration to pursue my career through a Master in Mechanical Engineering at Hochschule Düsseldorf University and also a description of my plans beyond my graduation. In this fast-changing world of Engineering and Technology, the passing day makes them obsolete, I would like to realize the very best level of education and transcend a new scope for analysis in Mechanical Engineering. This has forever fascinated me so I am keen to continue my educational pursuit in this field.

I even have forever cherished a dream to become Principal Engineer, a dream that was innate and developed slowly over the years. Right from my nerdy kid days, I found myself fascinated by the intricacies of Arithmetic and Physics, the reason is I used to be very slow and score low in those topics. I like speedy work even though sometimes it may not give you what you expected but I hope that one day you will learn how to do things rapidly. Because things that you learn from your own mistakes will never let you down. I believe in this and that’s how I overcome my lagging in those subjects. Eventually, I completed both my Primary and Secondary examinations with more than 90%.

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A massive variety of challenges, thrown out by fast development in science and technology, have inspired me to draw towards the Engineering profession. I take this chance to explain my instructional background and career objectives that impelled me to pursue a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical department staff in my university gave robust support to my feeling speech that “Being Engineering science students we will build the planet and that will move the world”. By following this my college education has provided intensive exposure to the assorted specialties on the market in Mechanical Engineering and that forces me to learn more about Mechanical streams. In my college years, I have a robust background in the fundamentals of the Fundamental Engineering Science subjects like Physical science, Heat and Mass Transfer, Solid Mechanics, Hydraulics, CAD/CAM, Mechanics of Machines, Shape of machine parts, etc. I even have a conjoint introduction to specialized areas like Finite part Techniques and Operation Research.

During this, not one but a few Mechanical Engineering streams captivated my interest throughout my college study, I had done a couple of projects named Automatic ON/OFF of a motor by using a DTMF system and Pneumatic staircase along with these projects and I even have authored a technical paper where I have received due appreciation, on that I wrote

about Continues chest compression throughout cardiac resuscitation by employing a mechatronic system to make things easy for Physicians. In any ​field if you want success you need to adapt to the situations and observe more, for that I went on an Industrial visit at one of the supposed to referred as Lokesh Machines Ltd in Hyderabad which makes the Core engines for vehicles. When it comes to my final semester project I made a Compressed air engine that can travel by compressed air to scale back the fuel fossils within nature.

A coin has 2 faces. Equally in my read, I feel that additional information activities area unit is as necessary as studies in estimating a person’s overall capability. Another exciting and learning part at the university was my expertise as a ​Student organizer for the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences). As a student organizer, I organized several technical events in the Mechanical Department like Lathe It, Paper Mania, Autobotz AVR 5in1, and therefore the Pitstop 2k16. I feel that I have evolved into a dynamic person because of my commitment to several extra-curricular activities at the highest level.

However the engineer’s numbers are increasing at an especially high place, I felt that I have to realize one thing completely. To give something better from my side I need to renovate every day and use every chance I get. Keeping that in mind I did an internship at Kaashiv Infotech for 6 months in Mechanical Engineering where I learned practically a lot more about Mechanics, Automotive, Structural Analysis, Analyze Manufacturing Plants, Materials and this work gave me crystal clear clarity about my future studies.

I might prefer to pursue my Master’s studies in specialized Mechanical fields like Materials sciences, Testing and Measurements, Pneumatics, Automotive, and Management systems in a committed manner. But I think we have a lot to learn about basic mechanical things and somewhere I’m not interested in taking any particular stream, according to me covering all the streams with far more than basic knowledge is a real Mechanical Engineer thing and I am assured of tributary significantly to the expansion of The Mechanical Engineering field.

However, I prefer to conclude with the explanations for selecting to study at Hochschule Düsseldorf University for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. I understand that graduate study nurtures the seeds of learning planted throughout college study. When I went through the small print of the analysis facilities at your Honoured University, I felt that they’re pretty much business to the fields of interest and I think it is the right place to embark upon my educational career.

I’m conscious of the fact that following this course requires a high level of intelligence, dedication, and Hard work. I am assured that I have the potential to contribute absolutely towards your Honoured University and with nice hope, I thirstily look ahead to your benevolent act of acceptance and granting me an admission in my desired course.

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