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The movie ‘The Instant Family’ is a marvelous attempt by the author when it is evaluated in terms of the concept. The movie was co-authored by Sean Anders and John Morris; Anders was also the director of this movie, whereas Morris was one of the producers. The movie was released on November 16, 2018, in the USA, whereas its DVD was released on March 5, 2019.

Conceptual analysis

The movie made 120.6 million (USD) at the box office. Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, and David S. Womack were the other three producers; involved in the production along with both the authors. The genre of the movie is comedy; however, the subject that it has covered is a heart-touching social topic. This identifies the excellence of the authors in presenting a serious subject in a comedy mood, which left a more significant impact. In this context, this movie was a surprise for the audience, as they were expecting a comedy movie in the theatre, but it presented a sensitive subject while maintaining the aimed genre.

The movie has highlighted the problems, concerns, and social issues involved with foster parents and orphan children. The movie has held a strong grip from start to end on the emotions of all concerned. So, despite developing a light environment throughout, they have not ignored the feelings. All of the characters played by different actors excelled, and everyone played their best. The convention for comedy movies has mostly been observed as a non-serious environment, where comic action and jokes are from the scenes (Horton and Rapf, 2015). This movie was a different example, led by the intent of the authors that the social and emotional issues of orphans and foster parents are presented in a way that the audience receives the message without being sad or bored.

The movie was successful in terms of box office and responses from the critics and social media appraisals. The movie met the pinnacle as both financial and social indicators represented the same. In modern society, where real relations are also losing their worth, this production is a valuable contribution to the social message of how relationships matter due to the way they are kept.

Major views

This text is not a conventional movie review, but an analysis of the approaches undertaken with the intent of social contribution. This review is influenced by the immediate feeling that emerged after viewing this movie and moving towards its end. Although many pieces of literature talk about the problems faced by foster children (Gypen et al., 2017; Kaasbøll, et al., 2019; Bovenschen, et al., 2016), however, its portrayal has been done professionally through a light screenplay. Generally, the imitation of the foster children creates a poor and helpless image; however, this story presents it differently. The best thing about this movie is that it is not time-bound. It will be admirable after many years of its release because it is not restricted to glamour or issues related to the specific era.

The author has written several other movies before, such as ‘Daddy’s Home’ and ‘That’s My Boy.’ Those movies are also excellent in terms of idea, screenplay, and presentation of real-life experiences. That is the reason why; the stories are heart-touching, and the feel that is adopted by the author is conveyed to the viewer. It can be assumed that the author applies his experiential learning in his screenplays, and he has a firm grip on these kinds of family subjects.

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Although the entire movie is full of good scenes, however, the stage where they get upset with the behavior of Lizzie, who is the teenage girl, and go to the other couple to complain about their situation, is an iconic scene. The way the other foster mother slammed Ellie for complaining about their troubles, was highly impactful. Her dialogue delivery was impressive at that point when she said that the pains for which parents feel helpless, the children face the same situation daily. So the parents should make themselves strong enough to deal with the issues, without expecting too much from the children.

The story depicts the racist approaches or perceptions that prevail in society; it may be perceived through the dialogue delivered by Lizzie to Ellie; the foster mother, ‘You’re just another white lady who wants to adopt charity orphans to make you feel good about yourself!’. This represented the bitter realities of society. Even if it was the perception of the foster child, it depicts the painful feelings; they undergo through their suffering.

One can think about the remaking of this movie and the casting options. If this movie is made again as a sequel, the same cast should be chosen again. All of the actors were the best fit in their roles, so, the same cast can be involved for the next part of the movie. There were several dialogues in the movie however one dialogue by Karen, the foster care in charge, can be declared as the best dialogue. She said, ‘Your real kids are different. You can’t erase them. This shows the reality of human reactions to relations and how they think about flexibility. So if someone feels that he or she can ‘erase’ the foster children because they are not their own, they should believe that their children can also create problems. So if the real children cannot be ‘erased’ from life, how can one be flexible about the foster children?

The only thing that was disturbing in this movie, and creates room to ask a question from the author; was that the character of the real mother was portrayed negatively. It was an indigestible idea that the real mother was not sincere to her children. However it led to the message that it’s not only the biological relation that creates sincerity, but relations are about feeling. But it could have been presented through any other idea that would not question the sincerity of the mother.

The movie idea and concept are touching, and several people can relate to the sentiments presented in this idea. This concept can touch the emotions of the parents, children, and anyone in the world, for example, anyone can relate to his past experiences as a child as well. At a young age, people cannot realize how parents feel about their children when they don’t accept their advice. They never accept their mistakes or the opinion on their acts by the parents that their decision may be wrong and needs reconsideration. This realization comes after the grown-up age when they experience the same in their own life. Hence the concept of this movie is not only limited to foster parenting; the issues can occur with the real children as well.

As a whole, the movie is an excellent example of message-oriented efforts in the industry, which can open avenues for creative thinking. The presentation of such a serious subject in the comedy genre is a unique example, which was an impressive experiment that can be replicated by others as well. The entire project was a right combination of the efforts made by authors, producers, directors, and actors; which led a success for all.

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