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People need to look at time the same way that they look at the value of money. The majority of people believe that money is more valuable than time but in reality, they end up wasting such an important thing which should be cherished. Time is much more valuable than money because time creates more memories, time brings more happiness than money and time is a healer, not money. You may be able to use your time to make money but you can’t use your money to purchase more time.

Time creates more memories

Time is what allows us to create long-term memories with those we love, doing what we love. Buying things and spending money comes with a thrill but we need to be spending more money on experiences rather than things. In society, we are orientated around spending money as we are consumer orientated, where we’re surrounded by media enforcing that the idea of happiness is a matter of buying new shoes, a cool car, and the newest phone. Constantly being over-whelmed by thoughts that make us believe we need to spend money to create memories is a misconception, to create certain memories all you need is time. Thinking back on your most fond memories, without a doubt, you will think of memories which you spent with friends and family rather than when you spent all your money.

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Time brings more happiness than money

People who value time more than money tend to possess more happiness, there are always ways to make more money but you can’t use your money to buy more time. The amount of money you earn doesn’t define your happiness, a certain amount can only buy you so much. An experience or product that you buy can’t compare to an experience or memory that teaches you a lesson or that broadens your mind. Time is limited and once it’s gone you can’t get it back, when you believe that you have plenty of time you tend to not value it and make the most of it. Time is priceless,

Time is a healer not money

While we may believe that money is what makes us happy, it is only temporary. When something occurs in your life we all have different ways of dealing with it but time heals everything. As time goes on, we start to realize what’s important to use, and sometimes when we do realize it’s too late.  

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