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In Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World, Huxley’s use of character descriptions and dialogue emphasizes his foiling of Lenina to Linda. He does this foiling not only to show differences between the characters but also to give insight into the society outside of New London.

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Other than coming from the same society, Linda and Lenina also correspond in their similar ways of thinking and in how they emotionally deal with stress. Lenina is seen as a quintessence, a perfect example of how women in the New London society should act because she is always repeating the hypnopaedic sayings that were drilled into her head since she was made. For example, during a conversation with Henry about the Epsilons, she states, “I suppose Epsilons don’t mind being Epsilons…” and then after Henry gives his explanation, “…“Yes, everybody’s happy now,” (Huxley). This shows that Lenina continuously uses her hypnopædic training as the foundation for most of her thought processes. Another example is Leninas and Linda’s use of Soma or Mescal, both try to use it as a way to escape reality and become numb to any misfortunes. Lenina’s use of soma indicates that she suppresses feelings of embarrassment and depression, she would repeatedly use the phrase, “A gram is better than a damn,” (Huxley). This is a common and repeating phrase used by Lenina which suggests that it is better to take soma than feel other emotions such as sadness and anger. Linda uses Mascal as a substitute for the soma, except it has a nasty side effect something close to a hangover, and results in her having to face reality, she states, “I was so ashamed. Just think of it: me, a Beta-having a baby” (Huxley). This shows that Linda uses the mescal as a way to cope with being a mother something that was not part of her conditioning. On the other hand, unlike Lenina who had the luxuries of an advanced and civilized world, Linda wasn’t so fortunate and had to adapt to a world that went against much of her programming. Due to the lifestyle that was inside of the reservation, she had no choice but to adapt to it, even though trying hard to live through the rules of the new world as if they applied to the reservation. While Linda is talking to Lenina about when she first arrived at the Reservation she brings up, “But of course they didn’t understand. How should they? And in the end, I suppose I got used to it,” (121). This quote shows some grey areas in the conditioning process that if given the chance a person from the New society can escape from its brainwashing and live by their thinking even if suffering from remnants of the New Society Linda was a living example of this process.

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