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Even though it was written 174 years ago, The Raven remains one of the greatest and most iconic works in the history of literature.

This poem has impacted many pieces of work such as stories and movies from Poe’s time to the present. From the beginning of the narrative, Poe deliberately and skillfully draws the reader into a somber and pensive world. It’s obvious that as the story unfolds, Poe slowly descends into the depths of madness. As this is happening, the reader comes to find that Poe needs to forget yet wants to remember “the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore”.

The one named Lenore is the woman Poe loved dearly. Losing her, he falls into an extremely depressed state. As he is mourning the loss on this night, a raven flies through his window. Upon seeing this raven, Poe feels frightened but intends on conversing with this “grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore”. Poe inquires as to the name and purpose of his unexpected visitor, only to be presented with the perplexing answer “nevermore”.

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As Poe is falling into the madness the bird brings, he realizes that he is helpless to retrieve his soul from the depths of despair. He sees a “shadow that lies floating on the floor” which “shall be lifted-nevermore!”.

This narrative poem draws me in with the deeper meaning and the way it’s written. The deeper meaning I find to be interesting upon how Poe was describing his love for a lost maiden in a complex and interesting way. The story also drew me in with how it kept getting interesting, like how “in the story” Poe was falling into madness and it kept getting worse as the bird was beholding him to the only word it spoke, “nevermore”. But you see, as this was happening, Poe realized that he couldn’t save himself from the thoughts and the madness he was falling into.

It is easy to see how Poe’s work has stood the test of time and can be as pertinent now as it was then. His work itself can somehow, easily and skillfully, bring the reader’s attention very close. As I read, I feel as if I’m being pulled in, but as interesting as it is I can’t help but to read more. When I do read more I can feel the intensity of the events and the feelings of the narrator in the story. And with it being as complex as it is, I want nothing, but to figure out the words and plots.

As it is, this narrative poem stands to be a very important piece of literature among all of the others. This poem has been the inspiration for almost every single horror and macabre movie or writing that’s ever been. In my very own opinion, it is also one of the best narrative poems ever to exist. Even though it was written 174 years ago, The Raven remains one of the greatest and most iconic works in the history of literature.

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