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I believe drama is a form of text that uniquely engages the audience and communicates with them through many different language techniques. Shakespeare has changed my personal understanding and appreciation of the value of drama. William Shakespeare was a famous English poet, playwright, and actor. The three types of dramas he focused on were comedy, romance, and tragedy, which show the value of drama through dramatic techniques.

In one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Julius Caesar (1599), he used many universal themes to express his ideas to his audience. Julius Caesar explored the universal themes of honor, dishonesty, ambition, and manipulation. These themes have been relevant throughout all of the time. The archetypal character ‘Brutus’ shows the theme of honor as he shows a deep and connected love for the city of Rome in his decision to kill Caesar for his country, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”. Honor is shown in today’s society as we show honor and respect for people who have been recognized for certain achievements. The character Cassuis portrays the theme of manipulation and ambition when he tries to try and gain power and manipulate Brutus and the conspirators into murdering Caesar and getting them to believe what he did was right. Brutus pretends to care about Caesar and manipulates his audience by saying “It must be by his death: and for my part, I know no personal cause to spurn at him”. Ambition and manipulation are still relevant to modern audiences today as we see many teens and adults using social media and marketing certain products that manipulate the audience’s minds to believe that if they do something or change themselves, it would improve their status in our society. This can be seen with Cassius towards Brutus. The theme of dishonest leaders is revealed in Mark Antony’s leadership. Antony tricks the audience into believing they have power in society but in fact, Antony is only doing this so they take his side when Antony is manipulating them so he can gain power. The speech beginning with “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…” is indicative of our society where leaders can emphasize misleading ideas to gain more votes for their party to take down their opponent and benefit from those actions, whereas leaders should work for both parties to benefit from the actions. William Shakespaere’s Julius Caesar (1599) explores universal themes of honor, dishonest leaders and manipulation, and ambition for modern audiences to question the values within today’s contemporary society.

The value and form of drama is a unique form of text as I believe it can spark emotions and engage the audience. Drama involves elements of reading, listening, and viewing, these help give the audience more of an understanding and get a feel of the emotion portrayed. One form of drama is a play. In plays, you are absorbed with the emotion shown in front of your eyes and this can enhance your understanding and point of view behind the play. Drama allows you to take in your understanding but it can also allow you to take in the people around you and their perspectives and views which can help build on your own. Drama deeply connects with elements like theme, plot, dialogue, song, character, and thought. Drama has the power to stimulate imagination and creativity. Therefore Drama provides purpose and uses unique forms of text to engage the audience.

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Shakespeare has made a massive impact on teenagers as the themes used in his plays are relatable to this day and age. Shakespeare tends to teach morals within his plays to get his message across. It’s not just teenagers he impacts, he has also left a mark in the world of English and literature. A literary critic named Harold Bloom states that if it wasn’t for Shakespeare, the world would be a different place. This comes back to how Shakespeare had made an impact on all ages.

Midsummer Night’s Dream, a play by Shakespeare uses literary techniques like setting and direction to help form the play. The play begins revealing the setting “In the woods”. Direction is used in the play script in places like “Enter Puck, behind,” and “Exeunt Quince, Snug, Flute, Snout, and Starveling.” The play Othello uses the dramatic technique of Tragic Hero which is shown with Othello’s flaw of jealousy. In this soliloquy, Iago identifies Othello as a tragic hero by making him focus on his soliloquy and further focusing his evil plan around Othello. This part also references to the tragic elements of good versus evil, whereby Othello represents good and Iago represents evil.

In conclusion, I think Shakespeare’s work is relevant and he uses many universal themes in his work the form of drama is a very unique that can be expressed in different ways.

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