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It was the summer of 1922, I had just arrived in New York where I moved into a house located in a part of Long Island called West Egg. My house wasn’t as flashy as my neighbors, however, I considered it to be just right for me. This particular place was considered the home to the “new rich.” I had been invited to have dinner with my cousin Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan who I’ve known since university. Tom and I were in the same social club at Yale. After a long and awkward dinner, the party breaks up when Jordan Baker, a professional female golfer, wants to get some rest for her tournament the next day. As I arrived home, I saw a young man who appeared to be standing on his lawn reaching out toward the dark water when I noticed there was a green light in the distance.

One day Tom and I were riding the train into the city. Tom forced me into getting off with him at one of these stops where he shortly after led me to George Wilson’s garage which sits on the valley of ashes. Myrtle who is Tom’s lover and Wilson’s wife was with us as well. Some time passed and left George’s place with Myrtle and made our way to the Morningside Heights apartment which was where Tom and Myrtle had their affair. While there we had an unplanned party with Myrtle’s sister, Catherine, and a couple named McKee. As the day goes on everyone is getting drunker and drunker, which leads to Tom breaking Myrtle’s nose. I thought it would be better if I left and gave them some space. Mr. McKee and I made our way out drunkenly where we then ended up taking the 4 a.m. train back to Long Island.

I’ve heard several rumors about my neighbor Gatsby, which was building my curiosity. He was notorious for throwing lavish parties at his mansion. The other day I received an invitation to one of them. As I made my way through the party I felt out of place, as the guests were exchanging rumors about Gatsby since no one knew the truth. In the midst of all this, I ran into Jordan Baker who was curious about Gatsby as well. We then decided to find him however instead run into a man with spectacles that looked like the eyes of an owl. I later on did run into Gatsby as he introduced himself at a table at which Jordan and I were sitting.

Today I went into the city to have some lunch with Gatsby. As we were driving we began to talk about our past. As we spoke something felt off, making me skeptical about Gatsby. Shortly after my lunch with Gatsby, I met with Jordan who told me about her conversation with Gatsby at the party. She had mentioned that he was in love with my cousin Daisy. Jordan also told me that Gatsby bought his house in West Egg just so that he could be closer to Daisy. I then realized that the light Gatsby was reaching for the other day was the light at the end of Daisy’s dock.

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As I arrived home I was surprised to see that Gatsby’s house was lit brightly however there was complete silence. While I was walking into my house he surprised me out of nowhere and seemed a bit desperate. He invited me to Coney Island but I believe his invitation is a way for him to get closer to Daisy through me. I realized my assumption was true, so I decided to help him out with Daisy. The day of the reunion was awkward at first, Gatsby appeared to be nervous however I left the two alone and returned to find smiles on their faces.

The rumors about my neighbor are still going around. A news reporter even showed up at his house in the hope of getting an interview with Gatsby. I proceeded over and conversed with the reporter about Gatsby. My reunion with Gatsby took place several weeks ago and I haven’t seen my cousin Daisy and Gatsby since then. I decided to stop by his house this afternoon however I was surprised to see Tom Buchanan having a drink with along with the Sloanes, and Gatsby. I noticed Tom’s suspicion about Gatsby and Daisy. Saturday approached and I saw Tom and Daisy at Gatsby’s party, however, they seemed to be upset.

It was a very hot day on I decided to take the train toward East Egg for lunch at Daisy and Tom’s house. I opened the door of their house and saw Jordan Baker and Gatsby there as well. As I take a seat the nurse walks in with my cousin’s baby girl, but did not see any interest in Daisy’s face. A few hours after we all decide on going into the city. As we stopped for gas at Wilson’s garage we discovered that Wilson had found out about his wife’s affair but did not know who the lover was. Due to the crucial heat, we decided to book a suite at the Plaza. There Tom and Gatsby confront each other. Shortly after Tom sends Gatsby and Daisy back to Long Island together. On our way back we see that someone had been in a fatal car accident on the border of the Valley of Ashes. We were told that the victim of the accident had been Myrtle. I then realized that she had been hit by Daisy and Gatsby. As I arrived back to Tom’s house I saw Gatsby hiding in the bushes. He then tells me that Daisy was the one who had hit Myrtle but is willing to take the blame for it.

I had a very sleepless night so I decided to head over to Gatsby’s house where we then began to speak about Daisy. Gatsby’s gardener then interrupts our conversation and tells us that he wants to drain the pool. Gatsby then tells him to wait a day. Gatsby mentioned that he had never used the pool and wanted to swim at least once before he drained it. After a good amount of time conversing, I went back to my office however I felt very distracted and was unable to work. I had even refused to go on a date with Jordan Baker.

It’s been some time since my neighbor Gatsby was murdered by Wilson. His funeral was hectic, as it was full of news reporters and journalists. I tried to host a great funeral for my friend however everyone was nowhere to be found. I tried inviting Tom and Daisy but they had moved. As I grew tired of the East I decided to move back home. Right before I left I ran into Tom who told me he was the one who had told Wilson who owned the car. I became infuriated when Tom told me that Gatsby deserved death. This leads me to the conclusion that Daisy and Tom are not good people. It was my last night in West Egg so I walked over to my old friend’s mansion. As wandered around I realized that “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us..”

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