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Everybody makes a big deal of how challenging it is to find a career path to pursue, I have had the idea that I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer since I was in 4th grade. Ever since I was young I loved playing and building stuff, whether it was building Lego Ninjago sets or playing with trains. I never really knew what occupation those skills would apply to until I learned what my mom did which was mechanical engineering. Once I learned all that she did, I had my eyes set on that career ever since. Throughout middle school, I took different engineering courses involving inventors and coding objects such as robots and racecars. Furthermore, when I came to middle school and high school I started researching the occupation of Mechanical Engineering whenever Mr.Smith would come in and talk and we would look at After doing research I realized being a mechanical engineer would be a great career path to take. As well as, in 8th grade I did a job shadow day at Schaeffler Luk in Wooster. I job shadowed one of their mechanical engineers and loved the whole experience. After that, I knew what I wanted to be and started taking the steps to be able to pursue the career that I wanted to be and be successful at. I want to be a mechanical engineer because of the skills I possess, the annual salary, my interest, the high demand of jobs currently, the great insurance benefits, and realizing how great of a career it is during my research.

Through research, I discovered that to be a mechanical engineer you need to go to college for 4 years to get your bachelor’s degree (Individuals). A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is a standard program at most colleges, but the best by far are UCLA, MIT, Stanford, and Michigan (The Best Colleges for Mechanical Engineering). It has been said that the required skills for this career are active listening, Critical thinking, and mathematics. I believe I possess all these skills. Mechanical Engineering pays about $63,120-$96,390 annually (Individuals). With the pay Increasing annually as you gain more experience. The least I could make is $55,310 and the most I could make is 133,900, it all depends on education level and experience as well as where you are employed (2019 Engineering Salary Statistics). Showing that education is very important in this career and can make a huge difference in salary. A mechanical Engineering technical Job description is that they design power-producing machines such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, as well as power-using machines such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (Individuals). With mechanical engineering, 40-60 hours a week are required. These hours can be inside or outside, it all depends on where the job is that day. But most of the work is done in an office. The benefits for a mechanical engineer are great. If I was employed then I certainly would be granted medical, dental, and vision insurance. As well as vacation days, sick leave, holidays off, and many retirement benefits (Individuals). The job placement for mechanical engineering is fairly good, this job is in high demand but to get a job you must have the proper education (Individuals). My goal and the type of impact I want to have with my career is to be able to enjoy my job and find happiness as well as be able to support myself along with my future family.

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Overall, mechanical engineering has proven to be a successful and well-off career. With that, I would still have a lot of living expenses as well as other expenses that would be accounted for. My main expense as a mechanical engineer would be housing. Therefore, the best option for housing relies on where my job takes me and where I am employed. If I were to have a job in a major city then I would rent a little apartment near my job for about $2,000-$3,000 a month (Rent Easy, Rest Easy). However, If I lived in a small community or suburbs, I would live in a middle-class house. When it comes to transportation, I would take public transportation such as taxis, busses, and subways which would be about $120 a month (Fares). To avoid car insurance as well as paying for gas. But, If I had a job in a small community with no public transportation available then, I would have to look into purchasing a car or bike. Other expenses would include all bills required to pay and other costs of objects necessary for survival.

In class, we took a personality report. In this report, I got the personality of a “defender.” I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant at first. After reading further I discovered what this personality type was. A defender is someone sensitive, receptive to change, excellent at analytical relationships, kind, hard-working, as well as shy and humble (Defender Personality). I didn’t know what to think of this at first, but after analyzing it, I realized that this is my personality 100%. I realized that the strengths of my personality would accommodate me greatly in this career choice. Some of my most prominent strengths are reliability and patience which would help me in the workplace when I feel angered or when people are annoying or dumb. Another strength that would help me throughout my career is excellent at analytic relationships and hard work (Defender Personality). These skills would help me I would always work hard and be able to achieve promotions and higher-up jobs. Whereas my strengths would build me up to a successful career, my weakness as a defender would give me bumps in the road. These weaknesses being too humble and too introverted around people. These weaknesses could prove to be a burden because if I am too shy in the workplace then that could cause a lack of opportunity for me. As well as being too shy; being too humble would also be a problem (Defender Personality). This is a problem because if I am too humble then I would never take credit for anything then I would never be able to prove myself to corporate to get a promotion or raise. 

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