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What comes to mind when you hear the word love? That’s why people think of a particular person or many people in your family. Others may think of a song, movie, or book. Still, there may be people who think of memories, smells, and more abstract. Whatever your answer may be, what you believe in love tells a lot about who you are as a person. Love is one of the most powerful forces in human experience, and it affects us in many ways beyond our imagination. Therefore, it is natural that love has a great weight as the main theme of the Bible. But what kind of love does the Bible have? Is it the love God expresses to us, or is it the kind of love we want to express God? Or between parents and children? Is it the love we re-express that person? Or is it a momentary, temporary feeling that says ‘I love Guacamory’? Interestingly, the Bible mentions all kinds of love throughout the page.

The original language contains some nuances that convey certain meanings associated with emotions, as well as certain words. Unfortunately, our modern English translation generally summarizes everything in the word ‘love’. Of all the attributes that contribute to a healthy and happy marriage, love is of utmost importance from the list of almost everyone. This tells us a lot about what we can do to maintain our relationship with the power of love. Turn a good partner into a good partner, and make your lover your best friend.

The importance of love in marriage is almost endless. After all, marriage is not always easy to make and without love, the momentum, attention, and itasim needed to make your relationship a continuous success cannot have a patient.

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Love brings happiness Love promotes happiness.  Tell us what you are going to do about being free and self-reliant, there is nothing like comfort and safety to know that you are taken care of. When you make love, your body releases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that is released from the brain’s ‘reward center.  It is no wonder that dopamine makes you feel grateful, happy, and rewarding, and nurtures positive emotions. Love also promotes a surge in the hormone cortisol. This is generally associated with ‘stress hormones’, but when you fall in love cortisol is responsible for your stomach, excitement, and the overwhelming passion you get when you are, without creating your anxiety There is. New love painkillers. Some studies suggest that dopamine levels continue to rise as you grow up with dog love and grow into mature love. Strengthen financial security Especially for accounts, it’s better than two! Married partners are single or experience financial stability more than divorced partners and may accumulate more wealth over time. When you have two incomes, you can get the couple’s financial stability, reducing stress, reducing debt, if one partner can only work part-time, or if you are at home and want to fulfill your child or other responsibilities, increase the flexibility of marriage can. Love fosters respect Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Without respect, love and faith do not grow. When you feel respected, you know that you value your words, thoughts, and feelings. You are free to trust when you show respect. The importance of respect and love in marriage is also associated with emotional support. When you have a partner who values ”your opinion and treats you well, you can become more vulnerable and see about it.

Emotional support has a positive impact on overall relationships with mental health and self-esteem. Four. Love makes you last A study from the University of Missouri found that couples are aging more elegantly than singles. According to a survey conducted by the Department of Human Developmental Family Studies, people who are happily married regardless of age are rated as having higher health than unmarried people. Another advantage of a happy marriage? Not only are you statistically more likely to live longer than the unfortunate single person, but being single, as this study reveals, was the largest predictor of early mortality. The longevity of the couple is thought to be affected by the emotional, social, and economic support received from being a member of the ‘couple’. Married spouses, for example, are also more likely to receive medical care. A Harvard University study found that married men live longer than divorced men and men who have never married. I think this is because when a married man becomes a committed relationship, it alleviates lifestyle (drinking, fighting, taking unnecessary risks, etc.). Brother’s Day ‘I fortunately love your sister and brother so much, and it’s no surprise that research shows that siblings can help you with your life. More specifically, having a good relationship with your siblings is more of an aging as you age. Research shows that it can lead to higher life satisfaction and lower rates of depression. Brothers and sisters also provide emotional, social, and psychological support to each other during times of shocking events with illness.

Studies show that these supports are common regardless of whether the brothers and sisters are close to Sardung. ‘Muddy Puddles production Three reasons why siblings are so important: 1. Friendship can come and go, but you are with your brothers and sisters. This relationship is often one of the longest relationships in a single life. 2. Brotherhood is authentic. Often, siblings grow up in the same environment, share the same parents, and share experiences similar to common memories. Brothers and sisters day 3. Our brothers and sisters are our family tree. They are part of us and that relationship is a shared history that cherishes this unique relationship. How will you promote and promote healthy brotherhood? – Let’s get started quickly. Parents encourage respect among siblings from the beginning. Do not tolerate harmful behavior in a sibling relationship. – Give children the opportunity to share their time and activities with you. If you pay attention to the competition between brothers and sisters and see that it is starting to occur, ‘take a shot’. – Show your personal preferences. This is probably the most common reason for brothers to resent. Tell the children that they care for their self by creating each child one-on-one. Please allow time to spend with your child. This helps them feel that they are being especially appreciated. – Set a family meeting time (every other week or monthly).

The whole family gathers to discuss complaints and congratulations. Give each one a chance to talk about what’s on their plate, then focus on finding a solution to the problem. – Promote healthy communication between siblings. If you disagree, you can resolve it healthily. How do I negotiate and compromise (send and receive) and how to find a win-win solution? You can help them set their rules at first, but retreat when they can do it themselves. Brothers and sisters day – Encourage children to maintain older relationships and work with them. This can do more when you are a teenager and live an independent life, but a little family time each month is a good way to encourage this relationship. – Most parents only want their children to be friendly. Siblings are essential to a child’s development. The benefits of a healthy sibling relationship can last a lifetime. Over the years, they can become cooperative friends.

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